4 Advantages of Cloud Hosting In 2023

The most eagerly awaited moment for website owners is when their website grows rapidly, is visited by many users, has large conversion and transaction figures and has high engagement.

4 Advantages of Cloud Hosting

However, this sometimes makes the website down and cannot be accessed quickly, so you need cloud hosting that is truly reliable. Where there are at least 4 advantages of cloud hosting that make it worth considering.

Actually, to create a performance website, you have two web hosting options, namely cloud hosting and VPS. However, cloud hosting is more recommended because it offers services that are much easier and simpler compared to VPS.

Please note that cloud hosting is a more complete version of shared hosting because it uses many servers at once. Of course, this will make the website load more balanced and server uptime more optimal.

So, what else are the advantages of cloud hosting?

What is Cloud Hosting?

Before finding out more about the advantages of cloud hosting, do you really understand what cloud hosting is?

As mentioned previously, cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses several servers at once to optimize server uptime and balance web load.

This cloud hosting technology combines several servers into one server that works together and as a whole. The combination of several servers is usually called a cloud cluster.

What’s more interesting is that when one of the servers is down or has problems, this cloud hosting technology will provide power from the other servers so that the website’s performance remains stable and can run normally.

So it is not surprising that cloud hosting is claimed to be web hosting that has high flexibility and reliability when compared to other web hosting.

4 Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Apart from the several advantages mentioned above, there are still 4 advantages of cloud hosting which are the background to why this technology is the best choice for online business owners. There are several advantages that you will get, namely:

1. More flexible and reliable

One of the best advantages of cloud hosting is its easy scalability. When the site experiences quite large changes in traffic, you can increase server capacity without having to buy another, larger server thanks to cloud servers.

In other words, when you use this web hosting your website will already have several virtual servers that will handle all the website’s problems and needs.

So the possibility of your website experiencing offline or downtime is smaller or even non-existent. Interestingly, when website traffic is normal or ordinary, you can easily reduce resources via an intuitive dashboard.

2. Website security is more guaranteed

Running an online business is indeed quite vulnerable to malware and hackers, but you don’t need to worry about that if you use cloud hosting. With its performance, this hosting service is ready to handle gaps that exist on the website. So that malware or hackers will not be able to penetrate this hosting security system.

Please note that cloud hosting has many reliable security features, starting from security features to maintain data confidentiality, malware protection features as well as protection features from hacker attacks.

Not only that, with cloud hosting your website will be recommended by Google and get a safe title to improve SEO and website reputation.

3. More Affordable Costs

Indeed, in general cloud hosting has quite high prices when compared to other conventional hosting.

However, this figure is much more affordable considering the features and advantages you will get. Considering price is not just a matter of numbers, but must also be balanced with what you will get.

That way, the money you spend to order cloud hosting will be much more useful because of all the advantages and features.

4. Maximum Uptime and Loading Time

If you are an online businessman, having a website with reliable performance has become a must. With cloud hosting, all client requests can be easily and quickly fulfilled. If one server experiences downtime it will automatically move to another server.

That way, your website will always be able to fulfill all client requests with more stable and smooth uptime.

In addition, thanks to existing load balancing technology, sites and applications that use cloud hosting have faster and more stable loading times compared to websites with one server.

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