How To Show Amazon Prime On Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a great tool for streaming videos to your devices. This is one of the affordable and easy-to-use devices, ready to go when plugged in. You can play any content on your connected Chromecast TV. With Google chromecast, you can stream videos to YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies, Hulu and more on your connected Chromecast TV.

How to show Amazon Prime on Chromecast?
How to show Amazon Prime on Chromecast?

However, many Chromecast users are looking for ways to stream Amazon Prime video. Amazon Prime video is a subscription-based service that provides many videos to its users. In this article, we’ll show you how to stream an Amazon Prime video on Chromecast.

How to watch Amazon Prime videos on Chromecast from a computer?

In this method, you can use Windows PC or Mac to watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast. Follow the instructions below to watch your favorite media on a larger screen.

Step 1: Connect Chromecast to your TV where you want to stream the Prime video.

Step 2: On your computer, open the Chrome browser and sign in to your Amazon Prime account .

Step 3: Now choose the media you want to watch.

Step 4: Once the video is selected, playback starts automatically. You must now connect your PC / Mac to your Chromecast.

Step 5: Click the menu icon in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser and click Cast. This option allows you to scan nearby devices connected to the same network.

Step 6: You can now see that the video has started to play on your TV connected to Chromecast . You can also choose the quality of the video among broadcast options such as High 720p, Standard 480p, etc.

Here’s how to watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast. You can use a Windows or Mac computer to perform a casting. The only thing you need is a Chrome browser.


Amazon Prime Video is one of the most used sources for streaming various movies and TV series. You can get the highest quality and highest quality content on Amazon Prime . While Chromecast is the easiest and most efficient way to stream your favorite media to a variety of compatible devices. We hope this guide has helped you access Amazon Prime on Chromecast.

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