List of Android Applications for the Best Online TV Streaming

The following will provide a list of android applications for the best online tv streaming and also free without the need to pay.

Technology is getting more advanced, if in the past to watch TV we had to provide Digital TV at home, now we can watch TV only with our smartphones, we can watch TV anytime and anywhere.

Android Applications for the Best Online TV Streaming
Android Applications for the Best Online TV Streaming

List of Android Applications for the Best Online TV Streaming

This will be very useful for those of you who frequently travel outside the house, which is certainly more difficult to get access to watching TV.

To be able to stream, we usually visit certain websites, but now there are many Android applications that also provide complete TV channels.

Watching TV is indeed a common activity and almost everyone likes it, even though there are now many streaming video portals such as Youtube and so on, watching TV is certainly still an option for many people.

Now for those of you who are still confused about whatapplication to use, here are some lists of applications that you can use to watch TV easily.

The following TV viewing applications can even be downloaded and used for free, but if you want even better, you can use a paid application subscription, but for the free version, you should consider the application below.

Kpn TV

In first place, there is the KPN TV Apk application which is also the best TV watching application. Not surprisingly, this application also provides a lot of TV channels, there are also several channels from countries such as Japan, America, Thailand and so on.

In the KPN TV application, there are several channel categories such as Channels for Children, Sports TV Channels and many more.

The size of the application is also very light, even the installer is only 5 MB and that is no less important. The video quality is HD.

Mivo TV

Apart from KPN TV, Mivo TV Apk is no less good. This application has been popular for a long time, mivo tv provides TV channels, both Indonesian and foreign too.

You can watch SCTV, RCTI, NET, TRANS and so on with the Mivo TV application on your Android practically and without buffering.

Tubi TV

No less than the two applications above, Tubi TV is also arguably the best full HD streaming application because in addition to many channels, this application also has very good video quality and there are also additional features ranging from bookmarks that allow you to save your favorite TV shows to watch on another time.

Another advantage of Tubi TV is that it is free. Yes, you don’t even need to register an account let alone pay, you just need to download and use this application on your Android for free.

LiveStream Tv

The best online TV streaming application for Android, which is then LiveStream TV, which provides around 200 TV channels ranging from English, German and Central Asian TV channels.

Not only TV channels, there are also various interesting videos like on Youtube that you can watch for free. So what are you waiting for, let’s download Live Stream TV Apk Android right now.

Those are some of the best Online TV streaming applications for Android that you can use, hopefully with the above applications it can make it easier for you and enjoy watching your favorite TV broadcasts on your smartphone. Now streaming is easier and more practical with the help of the application above.

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