Antivirus, BitDefender In The Spotlight

Cybersecurity issues have never been so important for Windows / Linux users, antivirus vendors are working hard to enhance their protection, improve their ergonomics. Study on one of the best of the antivirus market: BitDefender.

Antivirus, BitDefender in the spotlight
Antivirus, BitDefender in the spotlight

Antivirus, BitDefender in the spotlight

Bitdefender offers

The full range of Bitdefender to protect a computer:

Antivirus Plus at € 29.99, Internet Security at € 39.98 and Total Security at € 44.99. Each offer includes all the features of the lower price levels.

You can not buy more than one year warranty on 2019 products. Indeed, competition is tough, major optimizations are made every year and therefore subject to a new price range.

Note that the offer The entry-level offer at Bitdefender is quite rich and covers almost all the protection needs for a computer. It lacks the anti – spam , firewall , webcam protection and parental control features found in the Internet Security mid-range offer.

The full Total Security offering also includes protection for Mac computers and Android and iOS devices. Given its price, the Antivirus Plus offer seems to us the best compromise to protect a PC computer.

The Bit Defender Wallet & Safepay & VPN feature

In the antivirus Plus versions, you get a full suite of protection, including warranties against ransomware , webcam exploits , phishing, and dangerous downloads .

Bitdefender also includes SafePay, a secure browser for online transactions and banking supervision. This is not for occasional navigation because it is noticeably slower than Chrome. Fortunately, Bitdefender sends you a notification when you access an online payment portal to open it in SafePay.

It can also import data from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Wallet is a decent password manager and, as a free inclusion, we can not complain. This is not however at the level of Dashlane , (read our article on Dashlane).

You will also have a limited version of Bitdefender VPN in the foregrounds. It gives you 200 MB a day to use on the virtual private network, enough to avoid the dangers of public WiFi. Again, it’s free and it can help.

Bitdefender Agent – Update delete

We had at my Friend Geek several times the case of customer, unable to set BitDefender on their PC.

A Bitdefender defect we have been returned: When you have already subscribed to a previous version of BD, the software installs itself leaving you in the applications Bitdefender Agent: software inaccessible.

This software can not be deleted with a simple right click as it is constantly running and can not be deleted without adequate measurement.

You will need to call Bitdefender’s customer service and specify your operating system’s credentials to have the corresponding uninstaller package. Note that the 2019 Total Security version can not be activated without first uninstalling the agent from the previous version.

VS Kapersky defender bit

What does Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky compare in terms of protection? They took first and second place respectively in the majority of comparative tests on the web on the most secure antivirus software. Therefore, if you only watch security, both will be able to accompany you very well.

It is thus on the side of the user experience , the quality of the support , or the user-friendliness of the software that must be examined.

Kaspersky and Bitdefender are similar, their features, their price and their protection are about the height. However, Bitdefender offers enough small benefits to make it the best choice. You can not go wrong with one or the other.

The protection scores are similar, the price is almost identical and you get the same basic features. Bitdefender shines more by its usability , but not by much. Your choice will depend on whether you need features such as a password manager on inexpensive Bitdefender packages or multi-device support on Kaspersky Internet Security.

Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading.


To summarize, Bitdefender is differentiated by the tools / features incorporated in its low cost offers. Bit defender, at a relatively low price, for a quality present. If we have a tight budget to secure your PC, Bitdefender is the solution.

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