Apacer AC 731 Review: Stylish External Hard Disk, Military Class Feature

Apacer AC 731 Review: Hard disk is one of the devices needed to take all work out of the room. This need is very necessary for workers who have high mobility.

Apacer AC 731 Review: Stylish External Hard Disk
Apacer AC 731 Review: Stylish External Hard Disk

Instead of an external hard disk that can store data and protect it, what if the hard drive is dropped or splashed in water? Then we can be sure your data will be lost because the hard drive is damaged.

In general, consumers only see the amount of hard disk capacity without looking at the features offered.

Therefore, Apacer presents a military standard hard drive that has passed the Transit Drop Test “US MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV” from a height of 1.2 meters. In addition to military standards, Apacer AC731 also has an IP68 certificate for waterproof and dust protection.

Apacer AC 731 External Hard Disk Review

Business style desian

Apacer AC 731 comes with a combination of high-quality matte leather texture and case that gives the impression of grace and keeping it simple. This makes it look very elegant and business style, so for you a businessman, this hard disk is perfect when you bring a meeting with a client.

This hard disk is wrapped in leather-textured rubber material, which makes the surface feel comfortable when held. The sides are also plain to keep them comfortable and reduce the risk of falling.

Multiple Protection

As we know, the disk drive inside the body is the core of everything. If there is a very hard collision, then we can be sure the hard disk will experience bad sectors or may be totally damaged.

The above does not need to worry anymore because Apacer AC 731 already has military standards and tested. We also tried to drop from a height of about 1 meter, the hard disk was still operating normally, the body did not break.

In addition, this external hard disk is also waterproof and dust IP68 certified. We tried to dive Apacer AC 731 into water with a height of approximately 60 cm for 45 minutes, the result is the hard disk is still functioning properly without errors.

Fast data transfer

Apacer AC 731 can move data with a relatively short time thanks to SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 technology. Our test results show that with only 52 seconds, 3.1 GB of files can be devoured by the Apacer AC 731.

In addition, Apacer’s external hard drive has passed the plug / drop test 10,000 times, which allows it to be very reliable for frequent use.

Apacer AC 731 comes with two capacity options, namely 1 TB and 2TB. Consumers can choose it according to needs.

Thus the review of the external Apacer AC 731 hard disk, hopefully can help you in choosing additional quality storage and rich in features.

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