Apple GPT: The Artificial Intelligence That Could Arrive in 2024

Apple would be working on an Artificial Intelligence project that could directly compete with Open AI’s Chat GPT.Apple GPT: The Artificial Intelligence that could arrive in 2024

Apple GPT: The Artificial Intelligence that could arrive in 2024

Analyst Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, points out that work in this field has become a priority for Apple over the last year, due to the rise of chatbot services (conversational system) and the application of Artificial Intelligence in the development of different applications.

Apple’s concern with Artificial Intelligence

Apple is developing a chatbot called “Ajax”, to compete against other already established language models such as Chat GPT and the new Bing from Microsoft and Bard from Google.

Due to the increase in popularity of chatbots that work with Artificial Intelligence, Apple could be concerned about advancing at the same pace as its competitors in new technologies developed by Artificial Intelligence, which could represent a paradigm shift in how users interact with their smartphones.

The workers of the Cupertino company have special access with which you access this chatbot application, and it cannot be used to develop new features for customers.

In fact, this new tool in development is being used for prototyping and can answer questions using the data that Apple has used to train it.

This new language model called “Ajax”, is based on the Google Jax machine learning framework , a software architecture designed to accelerate the development of learning applications and runs through Google Cloud.

According to the report, Apple considered developing this tool with Open AI for its corporate teams, but ultimately scrapped the idea. The Cupertino company has several teams working on Artificial Intelligence, trying to solve problems such as privacy. Apple is being more cautious and would be putting privacy before functionality.

Tim Cook explained at last May’s conference that there are a“number of problems that need to be solved” with Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, he thinks it’s important to be“deliberate and thoughtful”with your development approach. He also added that Apple sees AI as“huge”and plans to“continue to weave it into products in a very thoughtful way. ”As reported in the Bloomberg article, Apple GPT could hit the market next year, without yet knowing how it can be integrated into the company’s different products and devices.

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