Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide

Aptoide is today the alternative Android application store to the most popular Play Store for Android. It boasts tens of thousands of apps, and their number is constantly growing, it is in fact a beautiful reality in continuous expansion.

Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide
Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide

For many it is the first choice in terms of alternative markets for Android, but many are still unfortunately not yet familiar with it. And this article is our always available version of the Aptoide guide.

Aptoide | Download And Installation Guide

It is an alternative store that collects the apps available for Android and allows you to download and install them; a bit like the Play Store which is instead the official Android app store. Despite the appearance, the store works very differently from the Play Store and the Amazon App Shop, centralized services with its own servers and a single content distributor (Google in the first case, Amazon in the second).

Aptoide: how exactly does it work?

Before we see how to use Aptoide, we need to talk about exactly what it is. Unlike the others it is a distributed service, in which anyone can become a content distributor: this is possible thanks to its repository-based structure, typical of Linux package managers. The name also underlines this nature and difference, as it is made up of APT that wants to remember the default package manager of Debian-based distributions, and OIDE is the ending of Android.

The clients and servers of this open store communicate thanks to a protocol also open based on xml.

This store is very interesting because it has become the home of many apps rejected by the Google and Amazon stores, also inside there are many modified apps (without advertising or with purchases in unlocked aptoid apps).

Is Aptoide legal?

You often ask us this question, the answer about the store itself can only be yes, the store itself is perfectly legal. This app market is not present on the Play Store just because the Google policy expressly prohibits any alternative store (not even the Amazon App Shop is present on the Play Store).

This alternative market is therefore perfectly legal when you install it, the same cannot be said of all repositories or stores (based on how you decide to call them). In fact, there are several stores that contain modified apps or games (to give free purchases or to enable tricks), pirated apps, or paid apps distributed free of charge without any authorization from the authors.

So it’s up to you, you can use it for what is the home of excellent free apps left by Google outside its store, or you can decide to use illegal repo and download apps and games without a license.

Is Aptoide safe?

The answer is yes even if the situation is complex. In fact, it has a valid integrated antimalware  (Aptoide Sentinel)  that scans the inserted apps, unfortunately, it is really difficult to keep up with all the apps that are loaded continuously. So the team created a way to let users know which apps are safe because they are controlled, and which the user downloads at their own risk.

Now the apps are divided into three categories those with the badge that identifies them as safe (as in the image), these have been scanned and have not shown any suspicious behavior. The second category is that of the app with the warning, these apps have been scanned, and even if a virus has not been found they have something that makes them suspect. The last category is the apps marked as unknow, these have not yet been scanned.

If you want to make sure you don’t catch viruses, it’s best to download only apps that are marked as safe.

How do the different versions differ?

There are three different versions, each designed to better meet a slice of its audience.

There is the canonical standard version, complete and effective. A lite version lightened for older devices and capable of taking up much less memory. A version for Android TV and tvbox, suitable for use by remote control.

The three clients are completely an aspect that doesn’t hurt at all.

How do you install Aptoide?

As you may have guessed, this alternative app store deserves to be on your Android smartphone or tablet. It is simple to install. Download the updated apk from the following lite links:

How do you add repositories?

To take full advantage of this alternative market it will be necessary to install new repositories. Immediately after the installation, you will find yourself configured and enabled only the apps repo, which is very populated. But let’s see how to add more to enjoy many more alternatives.

Adding repositories (also called stores) is far from complicated. Just go to the store tab and tap on the Add more store item.

In the window that will open you can proceed in two ways: by directly entering the address of the store (you can take it below where we have compiled a list of recommended stores) or by tapping on the item Look at the best stores. If you choose this option you will be taken to the Top repos section of the site where you can conveniently select the ones that are right for you.

Another simple way is to scroll the HOME screen until you reach the Top Stores item, then just tap on MORE  to be able to easily choose and enable all the major repositories.

In the repositories there are many apps available, to always have the best on your device you can check our selection of tips.

List of the best repositories (Aptoide repos Download)

  • http://androides.com/repo/apk
  • http://antarido.aptoide.org
  • http://afshar.aptoide.org
  • http://repoman.aptoide.org
  • http://nicvolk86.aptoide.org
  • http://apps.bazaarandroid.com/
  • http://atalanta1907.aptoide.org
  • http://repoman.aptoide.org
  • http://yohanes.aptoide.org
  • http://sorbaioli.org/repo
  • http://megamaxy.aptoide.org
  • http://nicvolk86.aptoide.org
  • http://repo2.altMarket.mobi
  • http://www.beyazkahraman.com/repo
  • http://bazaar.aptoide.org
  • http://onairda.store.aptoide.com
  • http://htcsense.store.aptoide.com
  • http://darkkiller.store.aptoide.com
  • http://italian.store.aptoide.com
  • http://androidvinotinto.aptoide.org
  • http://apps.store.aptoide.com
  • http://afshar.aptoide.org
  • http://mark8.store.aptoide.com
  • http://yohanes.aptoide.org
  • http://afshar.aptoide.org
  • http://repo2.altMarket.mobi

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