How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom

In the Google Classrom application, we can create many classes for different subjects. That way we don’t need to mix all subjects in one class.

In this way, each class will be more organized. Because students know where to send assignments according to the lessons they are working on.

How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom
How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom

This will also further reduce the chances of students sending the wrong assignments in the wrong class. So classes can run faster, so students don’t have to ask where to send assignments.

As for teachers, teachers can quickly send assignments to class according to the subjects in the class.

In essence, by creating different classes according to subjects, it will increase the productivity of teaching and learning for both teachers and students.

However, if a class is no longer used either because the subject has finished its curriculum or for other reasons, it is better to just archive it. That way, no more students use the class inGoogle Classroom.

To archive a class, it’s very easy. Users can follow the complete guide below.

How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom

  • As usual, first open the Google Classrom application on your cellphone. Then tap thethree-dot icon next to the name of the class you want to archive.
  • Three options will appear, you just selectArchive.
  • A small box will appear containing a choice of whether you really want to archive the class or not. Archived classes cannot be modified by either the teacher or the student.
  • TapArchive to continue.
  • Now, the class has been successfully archived and will not be displayed in the list of classes that you are participating in.
  • To reactivate the class, tap theburger button.
  • Then tapArchived classes.
  • In this menu you will see all the archived classes. To restore it back, tap the three dots next to the class name then selectRestore.

Then the class will again be used by both teachers and students.

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