Are Gaming Laptops Superior To Ordinary Laptops?

If you plan to purchase a new laptop but can’t decide what’s best between a gaming laptop and an ordinary laptop, we are here to help.

The first step towards making the right decision involves understanding the differences between the two types of laptops. When you know the difference, choosing what to go for will be a breeze.

Are Gaming Laptops Superior To Ordinary Laptops?

Furthermore, if you already own a laptop, you will be in a state to determine whether it’s for gaming purposes or not.

How Do Gaming and Ordinary Laptop Differ?

1. Random Access Memory (RAM)

The prime role of your computer’s RAM is to hold data for running programs so that it can be accessed faster by the Central Processing Unit (CPU). A laptop with a huge RAM performs better, and this is one of the areas where gaming laptops score against ordinary laptops.

Are Gaming Laptops Superior To Ordinary Laptops?
Are Gaming Laptops Superior To Ordinary Laptops?

Most gaming laptops have a RAM of 8GB to 16 GB, while ordinary laptops have a RAM of 4 to 8GB. As you’d expect, the former performs better than the latter.

2. Graphic Cards

A Graphics card, also known as the graphic processing unit (GPU), refers to a piece of hardware that’s responsible for delivering the images and videos you see on your computer’s monitor.

While gaming laptops have dedicated graphics cards, ordinary laptops have iGPU (integrated graphics card). And since integrated graphics cards are embedded in the same piece of hardware with the CPU, they tend to be a bit inferior to a dedicated graphics card.

3. Cooling System

If you have ever used a laptop that overheats, you know the importance of a good cooling system. Both ordinary and gaming laptops come featuring cooling systems meant to keep their interiors at optimum temperature.

But there’s a noticeable difference among them – gaming laptops have advanced cooling systems than ordinary laptops. The reason for this is because they generate too much heat in their interiors (most of the heat comes from the processor)

4. Keyboard Design

When it comes to gaming laptops, they usually feature a backlit keyboard. Although such keyboards can also be found in ordinary keyboards, they are rare. Typically, an office worker or schooling student would not have too much use for them as a gamer would have.

Backlit keyboards are meant to help games find the keys to press with ease.

5. Number of Ports

Something else that sets ordinary laptops and gaming laptops apart is the total number of ports in each. Generally, a gaming laptop has more ports meant to allow the gamer to connect as many peripheral devices as possible. These include a keyboard, mice, Bluetooth dongles, game controller, etc.

Are Gaming Laptops Superior To Ordinary Laptops?
Are Gaming Laptops Superior To Ordinary Laptops?

6. Speakers

This is yet another key difference between ordinary and gaming laptops. Normal laptops feature speakers that are smaller and hence are not too loud. They are excellent for watching a video, listening to music, or even making calls.

On the other hand, gaming laptops feature larger speakers that are louder so that gamers can capture all the conversations, background music and sound effects that make the game more engaging.

The Bottom Line

As you can tell from our discussion, gaming laptops are the best pick if you want a performing laptop for whatever the use. Here at believe everyone should own a gaming laptop for a reason above. Visit us and discover amazing deals you won’t resist.

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