Are There Any Studies In The World About Gambling Without Loss?

Gambling without losing any money has been the dream of many people who enjoy this hobby to its fullest. The last thing we want to do with our hard-earned cash is to lose them all in a casino.

Are There Any Studies in the World About Gambling Without Loss?
Are There Any Studies in the World About Gambling Without Loss?

Are There Any Studies in the World About Gambling Without Loss?

However, the thrill of winning is what keeps us going, and what keeps us entertained. This in turn begs the question: can you gamble online without losing money, and are there any studies out there to back up all of the claims?

Studying the Research

In the research paper from Michael Auer, Mark D Griffiths and Andreas Schneeberger titled “Theoretical Loss and Gambling Intensity: A Simulation Study”, they go in-depth about what the best and most stable measure for Gambling intensity is, and they quote ‘Theoretical Loss’ as the best one as it corresponds with the Gross Gaming Revenue generated by commercial gaming operators.

Deposit Bonuses

Real money casinos are extremely accessible today, and most of them require a significant initial deposit to get up and start playing in them.

In today’s online casino world, there are a few high quality, low deposit options available for players, which allow you to gamble without losing a lot of money in the process.

There are also a lot of 1$ deposit casino options out there, which makes the barrier for entry a lot lower for new players who are just getting into the world of online casinos.

Many casinos also offer deposit match bonuses, which means that if you deposit $100, you will receive $100 more to gamble with for free, and this can go up to a different cap depending on the casino, with some offering you up to $1500 for completely free.

Keep in mind that all of them have different rules as to how much you need to gamble in order to make a withdrawal.

Free Games

Most of, if not every online casino offers you the chance to experience any of their thousands of games for free in the form of a “DEMO” mode.

This mode usually gives you virtual funds of around $1000 that you can gamble with without making a deposit or creating an account, however, any winnings you might get in the demo mode will not be available for withdrawing, as it is, after all, a demo of how the game works as a whole.

The goal of this is to introduce you to all of the games and the mechanics within them without making you spend your real money on something you are unsure that you would enjoy playing.

Money Management

An effective and interesting way to gamble is through proper money management. Now, this differs from person to person, but there are unique ways of playing without actually losing too much money. For example, if you have a budget of $100, you can split it into two piles of $50.

If, with that $50 you end up winning money, you can gamble the winnings for a longer period, however, if you lose all $50, you stop then and there, so this way you end up losing less than your initial gambling budget, which In the long term will end up saving you a lot of money.

Only Gambling With Friends

If you really want to gamble without any loss, a great way to experience a casino game is through playing with your friends locally. This can be done either physically within your home, or online through virtual casino rooms.

You can organize card games where you implement a certain theme and if you really wanted to, make informal bets.
This means that if you do not have any money to gamble with at the time, you can bet with favors, chores, or things you would want to sell or dispose of anyway from your home, which is an amazing way to start gambling without losing money.

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