Are You Taking Calcium Supplements? – Here Is What You Must Know

When you were a little kid, you were told to drink milk for stronger, healthy bones. That’s because milk has calcium. Then, when you grow up, you tend to take calcium supplements. Women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis compared to men. Did you know that out of 10 million US women, 80 percent of them are plagued with osteoporosis?

Are You Taking Calcium Supplements

Are You Taking Calcium Supplements? – Here Is What You Must Know

If you are taking calcium pills, it’s unsafe for your health. According to an article published in Forbes, a report in the Journal in the Journal of the American Heart Association indicated that popping calcium supplements augments the chances of a heart ailment as it leads to the calcification of human arteries. Read this article to understand why taking calcium supplements is detrimental to your health.

Calcium supplements damage your health

You need to protect your bone health as you age for preventing fractures, but popping calcium pills is not the solution to your problem.

According to medical professionals, a supplement isn’t processed similarly in the human body when consumed from natural food.

Additionally, the belief that calcium pills make your bones strong is a myth according to many researchers.

On the contrary, there is evidence to show that calcium supplements have no health benefits. They damaging to your health, to be candid.

Supplements don’t treat hip fractures

There are numerous studies to indicate that calcium pills have no benefit when it comes to treating hip fractures.

On the contrary, these oils lead to an enormous risk of developing colon polyps, which are tiny growths in a human’s large intestine that might become cancerous. Calcium supplements also lead to kidney stones due to the buildup of calcium and other materials.

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Again, based on a study in 2016, calcium supplements increase the possibility of calcium accumulation in your arteries. There are chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Did you know that the human body fails to process over 500 mg of calcium at one time?

Taking calcium through food is beneficial

Calcium pills come with harmful side effects and so, you need to take calcium that comes from natural foods. When you include calcium-rich foods, you take them in little amounts all through the day together with other sources of food.

Women in the age group of 19-50 years must take 1,000 mg of the mineral and women who are more than 50 should take 1,200 mg every day.

You can include calcium-rich foods like oranges, almonds, soybeans, dried figs, garbanzo, low-fat milk or yogurt, and lots of leafy greens like spinach and kale.

Exercising helps

If you want to improve your bone health, do active workouts daily. You can try weight-bearing workouts like jogging, walking, as well as weight training to avoid the loss of bones.


Calcium supplements have many harmful side effects. Opt for natural food and alternative medicines to improve bone health.

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