How To Assess Whether An Email Is Secure

We often come across emails that raise suspicions, especially when the sender is known. In this article we will discuss how to assess whether an email is safe and whether we are not receiving a Spoofing attempt in emails.


How To Assess Whether An Email Is Secure

First of all, we need to understand what Spoofing is, this term is used when attackers try to lure the user by sending information that appears to be from a reliable source, we cannot confuse this term with Phishing.

This one aims to make the user send information by sending e-mails that have a very minimalist look, which makes the user realize that it is something false.

Spoofing, on the other hand, sends the user pages that seem to be real and from a reliable sender, which confuses most users.

In this example, we will show an attempt to spoof a page that passes for a company’s website, we will identify the link that it is directing to access and what is the sender of the e-mail account.

When accessing the link “I do not recognize this access” the browser identifies the URL of the page that will be accessed.

See that the link is not from Mercado Livre, from there we already realize that it is a fraud, but most users do not pay attention to this and end up clicking, below we have the image of the page after accessed, it is faithful to the official website, but the link is from a fraudulent domain.

Another point that generates greater doubts is the senders of the emails, below we will show the sender responsible for sending them:

In some cases the attacker camouflages the email address by pretending to be a known contact, to find out which contact is actually sending that message, hover your mouse over the sender, and a pop-up will be displayed with the true and -email that was responsible for sending.

We cannot control this type of email in our work routine, but it is always important to emphasize that any email requesting a password or access data must not be clicked on any link, and then it is essential to block that sender, so that it does not there are future cases.

You saw in this article a tip to find out if an email is safe.

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