Audiobooks To Listen To When You Feel Low

Sometimes you feel lonely, and your heart cries alone in some desolate corner…for some unknown reasons. It might be that you’ve lost her forever…you wait, only for Godot! Sadness seems to be like an eternal ocean and you are in the midst of it, all alone.

Audiobooks To Listen To When You Feel Low
Audiobooks To Listen To When You Feel Low

Listen to this, according to a WHO report, more than 264 million people suffer from depression and anxiety-related problems.

Don’t you think you need to do something rather than putting your hands up before the circumstances?

Yes, there are so many things to do and so little you have done. Audiobooks are a great way to escape from the stressed world.

You can download them fromthe pirate bay. In this study, we are going to discuss the Audiobooks that you could listen to when you feel extremely low.

The Audiobooks To Listen

There are audiobooks galore that you are able to download from different sources. We are therefore trying the best audiobooks that serve your requirements for you. Let’s begin with the best from the list.

1. Dare

Barry McDonagh’s Dare is one of the most efficient ways to io fight anxiety. In this audiobook, layers of discussion have been done on medication.

According to the writer, he has discovered the mechanism of getting out of depression and anxiety.

This is a technique crafted for around ten years. According to claims made in the audiobook, the technique has been successful in helping hundreds of patients who suffered panic attacks. As Barry points out, the greatest obstacle to healing your anxiety is you, and other things come secondary.

This denotes that we have the capacity to break free from the shacks of feeling low.

2. The Untethered Soul

This is a tendency for flesh and blood like you to question:

  • Self-Existence (Searching for the “I”)
  • Purpose in this earth.
  • Dreamwork.
  • Achieving Goals.

Anxiety eats us all. The more you question, the more you find yourself in a constant tussle.

Believe us; you will spend hundreds of hours with these questions only to get unending pain and sadness. It’s like you have become a checkmate in a game against circumstances!

This very audiobook tells you to be aware of the present moment that can bring happiness and lead to self-realization. Reading this audiobook is like a journey within yourself.

3. The Upward Spiral

This is not that you wake up from your bed only to find that you are depressed. This is not developed in one day.

There are millions of events that pile up to develop the state of your mind. Depression is a completely different subject and requires a good amount of study. It’s not an easy development.

Negative thinking and adversities pile up to the sadness in your mind. You might find yourself sailing in the pool of grief and sadness. Why would you not rise up from there?

In this audiobook, Dr. Alex demystifies neurological processes as the cause and reason behind the birth of depression and tells us the way to destroy the roots of anxiety and depression.

4. The Noonday Demon: The Atlas depression

Among the most effective audiobooks, this is one of them. This works as a way of suffering and depression. According to the author, suffering and mental illnesses depend on different factors like demographics and personal elements.

Other aspects that work to pile up depression include pharmacological, cultural, and medical interpretation. If these areas are studied and researched properly, there is a high chance that you will get out of it.

5. When Panic Attacks

This one is penned by Dr. David D. Burns and narrated by Kaleo Griffith. The length of this audiobook is 13hours and 23minutes

According to the author, everyone suffers from anxiety and depression, but the difference is in the intensity. Some people suffer from panic attacks, and others have mild anxiety attacks.

There are different reasons why anxiety creeps up. These include worrying, shyness, fear of failures, tests, and phobias.

They cripple your mental and, consequently, physical health. What you need at this point is courage and the techniques to box down depression completely.


The books that are discussed above are great in their own realm. They are all well researched and analyzed. Another core feature common to all these books is clarity and transparency of expression.

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