AUKEY Tripod – Multifunction And Almost Professional!

AUKEY Tripod: Among the many products tested by AUKEY this time we had the opportunity to try the multifunction tripod, already at the opening of the package we had understood that we were in front of a really well made product, let’s find out.

AUKEY Tripod - Multifunction and Almost Professional!
AUKEY Tripod – Multifunction and Almost Professional!

AUKEY Tripod – Multifunction and Almost Professional!


In the package we find:

  • AUKEY four section tripod
  • ball head
  • two quick release plates
  • short central column
  • three tips, Allen key
  • belt bag for monopod / tripod
  • ball head bag
  • bag to carry the tripod
  • user manual


The AUKEY tripod has ameasureclosed of about50cm,for aweighttotal of1.62KG.Maximum height of 1.69cm and a minimum height of 26cm.

Made of aluminum and rubber, the materials are excellent and allow the tripod to support camera + lens for up to 8KG.

The plates included are 2, with a 1/4 “screw while in the central column the screw is 3/8”.

Ball head

Starting from the upper part, where we find the ball head, there are two level bubbles that allow you to check the horizontal and vertical position of the camera with respect to the ground. There are also 4 knobs for various adjustments.

The largest in the center locks / unlocks the ball head for 360 degree rotation and vertical tilt up to 90 degrees. The smaller one at the bottom allows you to unlock the rotation of the base horizontally, with notches ranging from 0 degrees to 180 degrees.

The other two knobs are: a small one at the top with the bubble for the level that unlocks the plate and one on the central block that regulates the clutch.

Central column reversal

The central rod has a non-slip rubber knob at the bottom for height adjustment (for a gain of about 36cm), it can also be inverted for low shot shooting. To do this, completely unscrew the knob and in the lower part of the rod unscrew the locking screw, then insert the rod in reverse and re-lock everything.


It is also possible to disassemble a single foot and use a single rod by mounting the entire block over the ball head.

To do this, unscrew the foot with the word AUKEY (the upper part has the symbol of two padlocks) by turning it clockwise.

Other features of the AUKEY tripod to know are:

  • Hook in the lower part of the central column. It allows you to hang up to 10KG, both for convenience and to make the tripod more stable.
  • The rubber feet can be unscrewed and the three metal toes can be used.
  • Each foot is divided into 3 sections. They are easily adjustable in height by unscrewing them with the rubber knobs located along the body.
  • Hex key. Do not underestimate the key supplied, after several uses and well check if the screws have become loose.

Available for purchase on Amazon:Aukey tripods.


In this economic price range the AUKEY tripod is unrivaled in terms of functions and materials, it will not be at the level of the TOP brands in the sector but as an entry level and maybe even something more is doing very well!

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