What Are Autonomous Cars And How Do They Work?

We all know the term self-driving cars, and that’s another name for autonomous cars. Many of you might know that the concept of autonomous cars badly flopped a few years back.

What are Autonomous Cars and How Do They Work?

But recently, the IT partners of the automobile industries confirmed that it is definitely possible. Although, it still needs some time to turn this idea into a successful reality.

What are Autonomous Cars and How Do They Work?

Back in 2018, Waymo started its first self-driving car in the USA. These cars were limited and there were humans behind the steering wheels but still, we can’t erase its significance. It will not only prevent accidents but also benefits businesses like Car Rental Dubai so that travelers can move around without a chauffeur.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about autonomous cars, their benefits, and how they actually work.

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  • What are autonomous cars?
  • How autonomous cars work?
  • Benefits of autonomous cars
  • Final thoughts

What are autonomous cars?

What are autonomous cars?

Autonomous cars or self-driving cars are vehicles that are driven without the driver. These cars use cameras, multiple sensors, radars, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to travel without a human behind the steering wheel. To fulfill the autonomous features, the vehicle has to navigate around without human interference.

Many automobile companies along with their IT partners are developing and testing self-driving cars. The companies that are working on this concept include BMW, Audi, Google, Tesla, Volvo, etc.

The google test includes the fleet of autonomous cars including Toyota Prius and Audi TT that navigates almost 150K meters on the streets of California.

How autonomous cars work?

How autonomous cars work?

The self-driving car first creates a map of their surroundings by using the sensors that are installed on the different parts of the car. There are the radar sensors on the front side of the vehicle to check-out the position of the other cars on the road.

The cameras on the car help to detect the traffic lights, track vehicles, and look for the pedestrians. There are also ultrasonic cameras that will be able to detect curbs and other automobiles when parking.

The 3 modern technologies that are helping this concept are as follows:

Internet of things Sensors

Self-driving cars use sensors that are built using IoT concepts to learn things. For instance, there are sensors for forwarding collision warning, radar cam, Lidar, blind-spot monitoring, etc. All these sensors work together to help self-driving cars to navigate effectively.

IoT connectivity

Self-driving cars use cloud computing to collect data on traffic, weather, maps, etc. It helps to monitor the surroundings in a better way and make more accurate decisions.


All the data collected by the vehicles is further analyzed to determine the action and that’s the responsibility of software and algorithms. It is kind of complex as it made the final decisions.

Benefits of autonomous cars

Benefits of autonomous cars

The simple idea of easing human life is the best motivation to start working on concepts like autonomous cars. There are advantages of autonomous cars as it would provide more independence to kids, elderly and handicapped people.

Also, if you forget something at home, your car can bring it up to you. Also, you can send your pets on the routine checkup on your car if you are too busy.

Well, these are few common benefits of autonomous cars that are worth mentioning and these are as follows:

  • Self-driving cars will be able to reduce traffic congestion on the road.
  • Harmful emissions will be reduced by 60%.
  • Self-driving cars reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by cars.
  • Improves the livability and walkability on the footpaths.
  • Improves the environment and reduces traveling time.
  • 10% improvement in the economy of fuel.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the world is going to change a lot in the upcoming years. Technology is changing the world rapidly and industries are adopting these technologies to compete well in the market. The Cheap Car Rental Dubai industry is also adopting these changes as the city of gold is the hub of Digital transformation.

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