How To Backup PC With Windows 10

Backup PC with Windows 10: Most users tend to store all sorts of files, photos, and documents on their PC, even of a certain importance, without thinking that for one reason or another that data could be lost. To preserve the rich set of files on your device, you need to perform a highly underrated practice: backup your PC.

How to Backup PC with Windows 10
How to Backup PC with Windows 10

But how? You don’t knowwhat backup isand you don’t knowhow to do it on Windows 10? Let’s start with the basic concepts and try to understand together what this practice consists of. With regard to the procedure to be followed, we have some software in store for you that will keep your files safe to be restored at any time.

How to Backup PC with Windows 10

For those who use the PC to work or who keep countless amounts of files on the computer, backup is an obligatory step that safeguards the computer treasure it has available. In a nutshell,backing up means creating a backup copy of files, folders and everything on the device to be saved on another device.

By means of this very important procedure, you will be able to keep and restore all the files, in case your PC or smartphone should be damaged suddenly.

Copying data can be done through some programs, which can optimize and speed up the process using some backup techniques. Each technique has its pros and cons, clearly, you are the one who chooses which ones to use based on your needs;

  • Full backup: we are talking about the copy of every single data available on the PC. It is the most complete practice and certainly the one that takes the longest time possible.
  • Synthetic full backup: store data since the last full backup. The changes are not saved to a separate file but are incorporated into the full backup previously made.
  • Incremental backup: practically identical to the synthetic full backup. It is performed only if a complete data copy has previously been made and stores the data that has been previously modified, leaving out those that have not undergone any changes. It is less complex and creates smaller files.
  • Differential backup: Very similar to incrementalbackup, but save all data that has been saved in the full backup.

How to backup and what programs to use

If done periodically, back up can really save the ‘life’ of the files you care about most. So the time has come to explain how to make a copy of the data and which programs to use to carry it out at its best and completely free of charge.

Create a copy of the data via Windows 10

Ifyou have installed Windows 10 and you manifest the need to make a copy of the files contained in your PC, you can take advantage of an easy to use functionality. We are talking about File History, a very valid tool that prefers anincremental backup. To use the function, you must:

  • Click onStartand the gear icon immediately above.
  • Select the itemUpdate and Securityand immediately afterBackup
  • Click onAdd Driveto select the physical device where you will save your copy of data, whether the internal disk or the external device.
  • At this point, Windows will create a backup of all system folders.

If you want to customize the timing, how long to keep the data or add and remove files, you can do it by clicking onOther Options.If you need to restore a previous backup on your PC, you can proceed by clicking onGo to previous backup.

Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a German software created to provide a complete and simple user experience. As the name implies, we are talking about a program dedicated not only to data backup but also a data recovery system when it is not possible to restart Windows.

The software does its job in an integral way and according to your needs, guiding you in the backup phase by means of a guided procedure.

After installing the program, all you have to do is start it and click onBackupSource. In this section, you will have to select which part to ‘duplicate’, choosing between files and folders, individual disks and the whole PC. Once you have made your choice, the program will do everything independently without requesting your intervention. And the game will be done.

EaseTodo Backup

For those who are extremely confident with the Information Technology mode, they know thatEaseTodo Backup is a valid ally in the security of their digital data. The software was created for those who need to create backups of their disks, files or folders or the entire operating system in an extremely functional and free way.

As you will notice from the official page, EaseTodo Backup is available in theFreeversion and in theHome version. The Free version of the software is extremely complete although it does not have some features like the Home one, but it is sufficient to be used alone.

Afterdownloading the free version from the official website, you need to proceed with the installation. You will immediately notice the many features of the program, that is, you can perform incremental, complete and differential backups of:

  • Operating System:the procedure in question allows you to start copying the entire operating system;
  • Disc or partition:in this case you have to choose the disc to be secured
  • File ecartelle:dedicated to backup individual files or folders

But it doesn’t end there. EaseTodo Backup allows you to clone disks or the whole system, an extremely useful feature in case of imminent wear. Thanks to thiscloning procedure, disk and system can be restored at any time.Also available is an intelligent backup feature that performs operations completely automatically after making a daily, weekly or monthly schedule with the possibility ofcloud storage.

Among the best backup software, we cannot fail to mentionMacrium Reflect Free,an extremely valid software that allows you to create security images of disks and partitions by cloning them. The only negative note, the program is completely in English.

To proceed with the installation you will need to connectto the Macrium Reflect Free websiteand click onHome use.Once the download is complete, you will need to start the executable file, selectFreein the drop-down menu at the top and tickRun installer directly after download.At this point clickDownloadto download the file and proceed with the installation.

After completing the procedure, you will find yourself in front of the following screen. To start the backup, you will have to check the disks affected by the procedure, click onImage disk and you will be called to select the external device or a disk on which to save the image. In addition, you can also copy the image to a CD or DVD by burning.

In the next step, you will be able to define and customize the ways in which to do everything. Unlike the type of backup you can choose between:

  • None:useful for defining the time schedule to back up
  • Grandfather, Father, Son: to be chosen in case of daily incremental backups, weekly differential backups and monthly full backups.
  • Differential backup set: allows you to create a full backup, supplemented by differential backups
  • Incremental backup set:allows you to create a full backup, supplemented by incremental backups (Accessible only in the PRO version)
  • Incremental forever: it is based on the principle of synthetic full backup, i.e. full backup, the various incremental backups are aggregated, after reaching the established number. (Accessible only in the PRO version)

At last step, once you have established the type of backup to be performed and the execution intervals, you can choose whether to proceed with the backup or to keep the settings for later use.

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