Here’s How to Backup Windows 10

No matter how sophisticated the antivirus and system is on a computer or laptop, these two devices are never safe. Aside from the security aspect, Windows 10 updates are also often problematic. Here’s how to backup windows 10.

Here's How To Backup Windows 10
Here’s How To Backup Windows 10

Maybe you have thought if you could back up or backup the entire contents of your computer easily at once. Microsoft has long facilitated this with the Windows backup feature.

Here’s How To Backup Windows 10

Quoted from PC Gamers , how to backup Windows 10 is actually very easy. The thing to be sure of is that you have large capacity storage media to back up all data on your computer or laptop.

There are two types of Windows 10 backups provided, first is backup for regular data and second is data backup including configuration of your computer or laptop system.

1. Regular data

backup Regular data backup options will provide support for making backups ranging from photos, documents, videos, and audio. Backup capabilities provide several policies to choose from, automatic backups at any time, periodic depending on your choice, or only backups when you request it.

The first step into the Windows Settings menu is by clicking the gear icon in the Start Menu. On the Windows Settings page select the Update & Security icon. In it select Backups that are available on the left side of the page.

Later on the right side options will appear to backup. Select “Backup using File History“. Previously, at the bottom there was an Add Drive option to specify a storage media or disk drive to store your backups.

When choosing a disk drive or storage media you will also be asked questions about the backup process schedule. If periodically it is enough to specify days and hours for Windows to do regular automatic backups.

2. Complete backup of Windows 10

This complete backup will perform a full backup starting from the data stored, system configuration, including installed applications. The initial steps are still the same, enter Windows Settings then select Update & Security.

In the section that the Backup Using File History option will appear with the title “Looking for an older backup?”. Then select the option link that says “Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)”. No need to be confused, certainly this feature also supports Windows 10.

A new dialog page will appear containing the choice of disk drive that contains backups or will only be used to make backups of Windows 10. To make a new backup select the option “Create a system image”.

Later this feature will automatically search for disk drives or storage media that have enough capacity to make backups of Window 10. Then click Start Backup to begin the process. Duration of backup creation will take time depending on the size of the data.

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