Beginner’s Guide to Betting in CSGO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive created in 1999, is undoubtedly one of the top games in any gamer’s preference list. But most of them are still unaware of the factor of betting in CSGO. Betting in CSGO is one of the good ways you can make steady profit just by doing what you love: playing it.

Beginner’s Guide to Betting in CSGO
Beginner’s Guide to Betting in CSGO

Beginner’s Guide to Betting in CSGO

But since you look at this whole concept, here we are to your rescue with a proper guide to betting in CSGO which will make you more acquainted with all the variables and the CSGO betting sites or the types of bets present out there.

The first thing you need to know are the prerequisites of betting in CSGO, which are knowledge and research. Knowledge is what we are going to get you started with and research is what can make your profit margin grow if done regularly and strategically.

You can bet in CSGO using money(let it be via bitcoin, e-wallet, credit card, debit cards) or skins even.

Betting options available in CSGO

Pre match betting

As the name makes it obvious, this bet is placed before the match starts. You have to bet on the outcome before the game begins. One possible advantage of such bets is that they are less likely to fluctuate, assuming other things remain constant. Also since they are less likely to fluctuate you can do your research before, which team to bet on and which market to bet from.

Live betting

These are the bets placed during the game.there are two types of live betting – halftime betting and round betting. Choosing the right type between them requires a rather professional or experienced approach.

If you keep yourself updated and alert you can learn a lot about it quickly and make sizable margins easily. There are a lot of sites that offer live betting in CSGO like, Unikrn, Bet365, arcanebet and others

Tournament betting

This is mostly a bet placed by fans to support their teams along with a motive to get quick cash. Many sites like BestEasy, BetOnline, Bumbet, Sportsbet support such bets.

If you understand the tournament scene and your supported team well, it is an easy way to bet without doing much research.

Types of bets out there to choose from


Here you bet on a team that will be the winner according to your presumptions before the event has been even started.

Correct score

You can predict the exact score outcome of that match and bet on that.

Bets on the outcome

Also called the bet on the winner, here you bet on who will be the winner of the match, tournament or round.

Bet on the winner of the round

Predicting on who will win that certain round and bet on your calculations.

Bet on who makes more first kills of the match.

Who will first win a certain number of rounds in the tournament.

Special bets

A lot of other special bets can be placed like, round handicap CSGO, map handicap, pistol round winner, etc

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Systems of betting odds

Betting odds in CSGO are based on two systems basically- american odds and decimal odds.

Both work differently as American dds consist of numbers with reference to -100, and decimal odds are much simpler, you just have to multiply the money you wagered with the odds to calculate the amount you will get on a winning bet.

Consider all scenarios before placing a bet

The economy

Now this is one of the most important things to scratch your mind upon while placing a bet. You do need to understand and properly evaluate the economy of teams.

If you see that a team is losing and is already broke and won’t be able to afford much of weapons then to bet on such a team does not sound a wise decision, now does it?

The maps and guns allowed in the competitive pool

There are a lot more guns and maps to play in CSGO than are allowed in competitions. A handful types of guns and not more than 7-8 maps are allowed in the tournaments

Do your research

Betting should not be done solely based on luck and intuitions, if you intend to actually make money out of it then do your homework and research everything you need to know about rules, sites, matches, history of teams, stats, latest news from google or reddit or even social media at times.

Set your limit

Now again betting can be a passion, sometimes a steady source of income but you have to protect it from being your addiction. You obviously do not want to end up yourself stuck in a bankrupt and indebted state.

Take advantage of site promotions

Among lots of betting sites out there there is always one or the other giving exciting offers for new users like” welcome bonuses or deposit bonuses”. All you have to do is keep a watch and take the benefits of the same.

Do not just bet on any match

We understand that sometimes some $10 crazy random bets are fine as long as you are not thinking to hype this up to $100s of your bankroll.

Losing a big amount just because they were placed on crazy bets will hurt in the future, because waiting for a better opportunity is always better than betting on just any random match.

Bet according to team and tournament

Imagine a scenario when a big tournament is taking place but you do not know any variable of either of the team but you bet in hype of the tournament or imagine this, you bet on a team because it is your favourite, without considering the match they are playing and their stats and history in that stage of matches.

Both scenarios will end you up in loss. Therefore it is better to be known about the match level and teams before placing your bet, for example a popular and top team is playing on a low level tournament, which increases its chances of winning. Now placing your bet will produce value.

So there you go with all of the basic knowledge you needed to gear yourself up for the CSGO betting. All you have to do is now keep yourself updated and not get carried away and you’ll make a fair amount of profit.

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