Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera in 2022

The usefulness of the 3 point slinger for camera is hard to dispute, it allows you to carry the camera around your neck or shoulder, giving freedom to your hands when the photographer wants to answer a phone call or rummage in a bag.

Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera
Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera

Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera in 2022

But looking at my colleagues, I see that their strap is always in two positions, either worn around the neck, or dangling freely.

And if the first option is the starting position, and a universally recognized classic, then the second one, in my opinion, is no longer so good.

Firstly, a freely dangling strap can catch on something and drop the camera out of your hands, and secondly, a hanging large loop strives to wrap itself around the lens, which always happens at the most inopportune moment.

But the best 3 point slinger is different for everyone since everyone’s needs are different. There is no super-universal solution.

The most important arguments for buying a leather unloading belt

Healthy back and spine. Unloading helps to evenly distribute the load on your back. The muscles of your entire body react to this, trying to compensate for the tension.

If you’re using a standard strap and you have a fairly heavy professional DSLR, it will drag your neck down. In addition, the strap compresses the arteries in the neck, and blood flow to the brain decreases.

Unloading has already entered the top slingers for camera in 2022, as it does not have the disadvantages described above.

From here headaches after long shootings can begin. If you also add a booster, battery pack or heavy telephoto and flash here, then you can have a weight in the region of 2-3 kg on your neck. To distribute this load on the shoulders, leather unloading for one or two chambers is used.

Because your whole body is under stress, trying to cope with increased loads, like in the gym, only throughout the day. Many photographers, having tried to work with unloading and taking it for a couple of shoots, no longer understand how they can work without it. So it eases the load on the whole body.

Ability to use different focal lengths. If you are a reportage photographer, then the weight of your equipment can increase by 2 times, you may not have time to change the lens, for this professional photographers use two cameras and 2 lenses with different focal lengths and an unloading belt with safety straps.

Free hands. In the midst of reportage shooting, you simply need free hands to protect your camera from random encounters with dancing guests.

Or you need to lay out wedding accessories for shooting, or help the bride cope with a dress or train. Or you just want to stick around on Instagram without worrying about the camera.

Wrist strap

A wrist strap is an accessory that will make photography more comfortable for both amateur and professional photographers. After all, the wrist strap is designed in such a way that it is convenient and safe to shoot with one hand.

Often you can see how the photographer, using the camera, winds the neck strap around his arm. This is not very convenient, and such a design will not be reliable. The way out is to buy a wrist strap.

This is a must for a SLR camera. It distributes the weight evenly across the back of the hand.

Wrist strap features

  • Wrist strap fits most DSLRs
  • Soft interior rubberized finish for extra comfort and no friction
  • Strap strap compatible with battery grip and neck strap
  • Rubberized platform for tight camera fixation
  • Rotating dial with 3/8″ thread for mounting the camera on a tripod.
  • You can mount the camera on a tripod without removing the strap.
  • Covers only the back of the hand!
  • In terms of functionality and quality, it is not inferior to the original wrist straps.

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