17 Best Animated Wallpapers 2021

The animated wallpapers are an option for users looking for a different and dynamic touch to your computer. On the internet you can find an extensive collection of high resolution images that have this effect.

Best Animated Wallpapers
Best Animated Wallpapers

17 Best Animated Wallpapers

Furthermore, there is also the possibility for you to transform your own videos into animated wallpapers. Discover all the options below.

Applications to transform videos into moving wallpapers

Video Live Wallpaper Setting

This app allows you to set any video that you have saved on your mobile phone as the background, it plays them in a very fluid way thanks to its ability to configure large elements.

In turn, it allows you to determine the start and end, the audio and the volume level you want in the playback that you are going to set as the wallpaper and lock screen.



Like the previous option, VideoWall allows you to set the beginning and end of the video under a very comfortable, simple and striking interface, with which you can configure your videos very easily, with the fluidity that characterizes them.



If you are looking for something simpler, but still animated, you can also configure the Gifs of your choice on your home screen through this application.

Here you will have the opportunity to choose from a huge gallery under a free version, which offers you elements of various qualities to optimize its operation and save your mobile memory.


What are the best moving wallpapers

Here you have up to 17 of the most popular websites with the best moving wallpapers of the moment. These are websites where you can find all kinds of ideas to customize your mobile screen in just one click:

1. Particle Live Wallpaper Pro

Particle Live Wallpaper Prohas a minimalist design in which a series of particles are observed that move randomly throughout the honeycomb. You can choose between different tonality options.

2. Rainpaper

WithRainpaperyou can add a very realistic rain effect to your wallpaper. You can change the intensity with which it falls, and even add snowflakes.

This way you will have a spectacular background that resembles a window from which you can see the impact of the drops as they fall.

3. Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper

Hypno Clock Live Wallpaperis a very original alternative that shows a clockwork mechanism in motion, since all the gears are turning in a realistic way. You can adjust from speed to colors, creating a truly mesmerizing background.

4. Material Island

Material Islandsis a minimalist and simple-shaped wallpaper that shows different landscapes. These change as the day progresses and depending on the weather conditions. The hues are soft and add an elegant touch to the device.

5. Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper

Oajoo Device Info Wallpaperis a different animated background, which shows all kinds of information about your mobile phone, in an updated way.

From the battery level, to the occupied memory storage, as well as the temperature. It also includes a gyroscope, compass among many other accessories.

6. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaperis an application designed for art lovers that offers a transition of pictorial works which fade, while the backgrounds change automatically. It also offers the option to select our own images.

7. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Makerdoes not stick to a single design style but allows its users to choose from a multitude of elements and effects: clocks, weather widget, memory meter, astronomical data and many more. A creative space where you can configure your theme with all the elements that may be useful to you.

8. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaperis an animated background that presents a forest with a minimalist design, which can be configured with different shades. One of its functions allows you to configure the forest so that it changes as the hours of the day go by.

9. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaperis based on different backgrounds and line arrangements that you can customize with a variety of different color palettes. The tones change each time you access the main menu, to give the design more dynamism.

10. Wall St Stylised Street Maps

Wall St Stylized Street Mapsis especially original when incorporating city maps. You can choose the colors you want to apply to this two-dimensional map that has different movement effects

11. Wavero

WithWaveroyou can customize your wallpaper creating incredible 3D effects from figures in various colors, which interact when you touch the screen. There are countless patterns to choose from and many customization options.

12. Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper

Paperland Pro Live Wallpaperis one of the most original and colorful backgrounds by incorporating a cartoon design from which you can choose from a multitude of themes: Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick, Autumn, Silent Night, Beach and many more. You can change the settings and adapt it to your personal tastes.

13. Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaperallows you to combine numerous shapes, colors and sizes to create very creative moving wallpapers. The shapes move according to the movement you make with the device.

14. Fracta Live Wallpaper

Fracta Live Wallpaperoffers a design based on polygonal figures that offer a 3D perspective. You can customize the figures with different shades and create your own backgrounds which will slide across the screen.

15. Pixelscapes Wallpaper

Pixelscapes Wallpaperis an original style of wallpaper based on pixel designs. The designs show diverse landscapes with a pixelated aesthetic, whose elements move slowly. The application is optimized to reduce battery consumption.

16. Vortex

Vortexoffers an almost hypnotic experience by presenting different styles of wallpaper designed based on a series of particles that move around the screen creating all kinds of shapes and effects.

The app is integrated with a function that synchronizes with the weather and location to adapt the movement of the particles to different states.

17. Awesome Land 2. Plant a Tree!

Awesome Land 2is a wallpaper that shows a landscape with a tree, which can be seen in different seasons of the year. Partly customizable you can choose to include floating particles, flying birds, or synchronize the wallpaper with the current time.

With all these types of animated wallpapers you will be able to personalize your mobile phone with a multitude of different modes. Give a creative and personal touch to the screen of your smartphone and combine it with your personal tastes.

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