Best Apps Which Helps in Tracking your Loved One’s Phone

Have you ever thought of tracking your loved one’s phone? Either your husband/wife or your child, would you always like to keep an eye over him/her? No need to worry we can surely understand your concern and we are here to help you.

Best Apps Which Helps in Tracking your Loved One's Phone
Best Apps Which Helps in Tracking your Loved One’s Phone

Best Apps Which Helps in Tracking your Loved One’s Phone

As a good parent, we know that you will always wish for your children’s well-being. So if your child is going on the wrong path then it’s really important to identify it from the root and clear all obstacles to the right destination by teaching them what’s wrong and what’s good.

Looking from another scenario, as a wife, you may be curious to know what all things your husband is doing on his phone. By going through this article you will get to know some techniques on how totrack husband’s phone without touching it. Let’s get straight to the topic.

The first thing you have to do is simply identify what type of tracking you require. If you want to track your husband’s/child location only then it will be quite an easy job with the help of the right App.

Or if you want to track almost all activities like Browse history, Text messages, Instant Messaging Apps (like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc), Emails, etc… Then you may require a more advanced App with these features. Both of the ways will be discussed here.

How to Track your Loved One’s Phone Location

There are quite a decent number of location tracking apps available out there, but sorting out the best one is a little bit tricky job. We made the job simple for you, based on your OS(Android, Apple) you can download the respective apps that will do the job for sure.

Track the device location using Find My Device Android App:You can simply download the Find My Device android app from the play store and add the Google account of your spouse’s/child linked with his/her phone.

If you want to track from your computer then no need to install the app you can directly go to and can provide the Google account details linked with the phone.

You can do more things than just tracking like Playing Sound (to find your lost phone if it’s nearby), Secure devices (by locking the device and signing out from a Google account), and Erase Device (to completely erase all of your data from the device).

Track the device location using the Find My iPhone App: It’s really simple to track the location of your loved ones if he is using an Apple device. Simply get into the app store and download Find My App It can be set up by just signing into the iCloud. Here we go you can get the location of your loved hassle-free.

All those Google Find My Device features are available here as well so it can also be used to do more than just tracking; sometimes it will act as a lifesaver as well.

How to Track all Activities of your Loved One’s Phone

As we said earlier if you want to track almost all activities of your spouse’s/child’s phone then the above-mentioned apps will not be enough.

Just by googling you will be able to see a large number of apps that will help you to track n number of activities of others. We will see some of the best apps which help you to do the job with ease.

  • Spyine – Spyine is one of the best android spying apps out there. It can spy/track things like Social Media Data, Call logs, Location information, Media Files, Browse History, etc…
  • mSpy – mSpy can be installed on both iOS and Android. Once the setup is done, it will help you to track Browser history, Text Messages, Social Media Messaging Apps, Emails, GPS, Call Log, Media, etc…
  • Cocospy – Cocospy is also a good spying utility out there. Almost all features available in Spyine is available in Cocospy as well.

Final Words

We have seen a good number of tracking/spy apps that can help you to understand the activities of your loved ones. Which App to choose from? We have introduced the best apps out there, and now the choice is entirely yours. If you have any doubts please feel free to comment below we will be really glad to assist you.

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