10 Brazilian Movies to Watch on Netflix

Action, romance, drama and comedy can be found in the productions, straight from the national cinema to the screen: start venturing through Brazilian works.

Brazilian Movies to Watch on Netflix

10 Brazilian Movies to Watch on Netflix

Nowadays, national productions are no longer seen as synonymous with lower quality than foreign ones. On the contrary, Brazilian cinema offers a variety of excellent films in different genres, including action, romance, drama, comedy and even the famous “bunk”. After all, nothing like a good laugh to brighten the day, do you agree?

If you haven’t ventured into Brazilian titles yet or are already a fan, but are looking for new recommendations, this post is perfect for you! Oficina da Net selected the 10 “Tupiniquins” productions available on Netflix, which cover a wide variety of styles, guaranteeing entertainment for your weekend or to fill your afternoons at home, accompanied by delicious popcorn.

I hope this version meets your expectations! If there’s anything else I can help with, just let me know.

Get ready to laugh, cry, get emotional and have fun with these movies, some classics and others fresh out of the oven. And don’t forget: after watching, tell us what you think of the works in the comments!

1. Rich in Love 2

In the north of Brazil, Paula plays her role as a volunteer doctor, tirelessly dedicating herself to her work. Meanwhile, Teto, a young man who was raised spoiled, struggles to break free of this lifestyle and find his purpose in life.

However, in addition to overcoming his own challenges, he finds himself confronting the interests of an influential farmer, who has considerable power and influence in the region.

2. Wife for Rent

Luiz (Caio Castro), is not a man who believes in love, which is why he strictly follows a rule that he should not go on a “dating” basis for three months.

However, he still lives with his mother, who begs him to get married and leave her house. One day, she faints and it is discovered that she has only six months to live. As a last request, she asks her son to marry so that she can feel accomplished.

Not wanting a real commitment, he acquiesces to his mother’s requests and hires a surrogate wife. Lina (Thati Lopes) is an actress who lives off the work of being “hired” by other people, playing the desired role, a wife, a lover, a friend and so on.

The two then agree to a fake relationship for six months. But everything can change and the pretend couple can really give in to their feelings.

3. Neighbors

Neighbors, Walter (Leandro Hassum) leads a stressful life due to routine and excessive work. His wife, Joana (Júlia Rabello), takes him to the doctor, who says that they urgently need to move from Rio de Janeiro to have a more relaxed and stress-free routine.

They then go to a small town, surrounded by peace and nature. However, the relaxation plans go down the drain, because of Toninho (Manfrini), his new noisy neighbor, who is a master of drums at a samba school.

4. Beard, Hair & Mustache

Richardsson has finished school and doesn’t know what to do with his life. Although he has plans to go to college, his desire is to cut hair in Saigon, his mother Cristina’s beauty salon, in the Rio neighborhood of Penha.

But the matriarch has other expectations for her son, which go far beyond the suburban salon. In pursuit of his true dream, Richardsson can’t help but get himself into a lot of trouble as he spreads his stylish cuts across Rio de Janeiro.

5. In the Rhythm of Faith

In the plot of “No Ritmo da Fé”, we meet Camila (played by Mharessa Fernanda), a 19-year-old girl who faces the painful loss of her mother and deals with a complicated relationship with her father. Feeling despondent, she makes the decision to leave her home, carrying only a backpack and her trusty guitar.

However, fate reserves an unexpected turn for her: when she is the victim of a robbery, she is stripped of both her beloved instrument and all her financial resources.

6. 7 Prisoners

In Alexandre Moratto’s new film for Netflix, young Mateus accepts to work in a junkyard in São Paulo with the new boss Luca to gain an opportunity to give his family a better life.

However, he ends up entering the dangerous world of contemporary slavery with several other boys, being forced to decide between continuing in this situation or risking the future of his family.

7. Brothers by Choice

At the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, young people seek to reach the rank of officer in the army, regardless of gender. The documentary follows some of these individuals on their journeys of growth, while delving into fundamental themes inherent in military life, such as team collaboration.

8. Exchange Diaries

Barbara (Larissa Manoela) and Taila (Thati Lopes) are friends who decide to do an exchange program in the United States, without imagining the challenges they are about to face.

Barbara, who dreamed of visiting New York, discovers that they are going to live in the peaceful town of Woodstock, two hours from the metropolis.

Accustomed to the perks of her mother’s house, she lives a new experience when performing housework for her severe hostess.

Taila, a challenging and free-spirited woman, stays with a patriotic and conservative couple. Despite the difficulties, the two friends will find love, friendship and live unforgettable moments.

9. Fear Therapy

Clara and Fernanda are identical twin sisters and beach volleyball champions. During a hypnosis session, Clara has visions of a mysterious boy.

After a tragic accident in which her boyfriend dies, she falls into deep catatonia. Determined to save Clara at any cost, Fernanda accepts the experimental hypnotic methods proposed by Dr. Bruno.

But the result is unexpected: instead of getting better, Clara deepens her contact with the supernatural and awakens an evil spirit.

10. The Salafrarios

Clóvis is a scoundrel who has just been discovered after taking a hit on a group of Japanese people and is being chased by the police. Lohane is a food entrepreneur who saw her dreams come crashing down when the city towed her sandwich trailer for lack of a permit.

Now, the stepbrothers have to live together again. Very upset, Clóvis learns to deal with his sister’s excessive spontaneity, in addition to teaching her a little trick or two to guarantee the duo’s subsistence.

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