Top 10 Best Budget Laptops for Students

As a student, you need to have a laptop for certain tasks. If you are thinking of buying a new laptop, it can be difficult for you to make the right choice because of too many options and budget constraints. A common myth is that a good laptop would always cost more than a thousand dollars.

Best Budget Laptops for Students

Well, it is true that you can get a great laptop on this budget, but this surely doesn’t mean that you cannot find more affordable options. If you are looking for pocket-friendly options, it is best that you read this post.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the ten most budget-friendly laptops that are best for every student.

Ten Most Affordable Laptops for Students in 2023

You can buy any of the below-mentioned laptops for as low as $500! Let us get into the details right away:

1. Asus E410 – (Popular Choice)

Best Budget Laptops

If you are looking for a laptop that would cost under $300, you must check the Asus E410. This laptop has a very sleek design and a big screen. The design and size of this device are quite compact and quirky. The performance and speed of this laptop are enough for a student to complete their day-to-day tasks.

An important thing about this model is its good battery life. All of these points make it a popular choice.

The pros of this laptop are that it is very cheap, lightweight, and has a long battery life. On the other hand, the cons of this device include its dim screen and annoying number pad on the keyboard.

Overall it’s a valuable option in the budget series, and if you are an Asus fan, then you will surely love it.

2. MacBook 12in M7 (Intuitive Design)

Best Budget Laptops

Second on the list of best budget laptops for students is Macbook 12in M7. In 2023, it is important that you have a MacBook. Not so long ago, it was quite impossible to find an affordable MacBook. But today, you can easily get this model at the most affordable rate.

The renewed price of a refurbished Macbook 12in M7 is around $500-$600. This is the perfect choice for students who already have experience using iOS devices.

The screen size of this MacBook is 12 inches, and it has a retina display. The looks and design of this laptop are quite attractive. This laptop is specifically designed to cater to the needs of students and other professionals.

The performance of this device is better than that of Windows-operated devices. The performance and battery life are also outstanding.

The pros of the MacBook M7 are that it has a retina display, a great keyboard & trackpad, multiple connectivity ports, and, most importantly, a good processor and impressive battery life. As for the cons, the screen size could be better, and this device is not recommended for gamers.

3. Honor Magic Book 14 – (Heavy Performer)

Best Budget Laptops

This is also one of the top-favorite options for not only students but also businessmen. This device is popular because of its heavy performance. You can get the 2021 model for less than $600 from all major e-commerce stores.

The processor, RAM size, and 512 SSD are quite impressive in this price budget. The display of this laptop is also quite impressive. Other than writing your assignments, you can also enjoy movies on this device.

The pros of buying this laptop are you would enjoy a stylish design, a powerful processor, nice keywords, and good-quality speakers. On the other hand, the cons of this device include low-performing battery life and limited connectivity ports.

4. Lenovo IdeaPadFlex 5 (2 in 1)

Best Budget Laptops

2-in-1 laptops can be quite expensive, but not this one. If you are looking for a powerful laptop cum tab, then this one is an ideal option that you can find on a low budget. The cost of this idea pad is around $500 to $600, and it is perfect for students.

The build quality of this laptop is quite impressive. Other than that, you can find a very nice and strong keyword and a strong battery bank on this laptop.

The core i3 model is considered to be perfect for students as it is suitable for daily tasks. The upper models in the idea pad league can be expensive.

The pros of getting the idea pad are that you would enjoy a versatile design, an all-day battery backup, multiple ports, and a sturdy body. Slow charging and an indecent trackpad are the drawbacks of getting this laptop.

5. HP Pavilion 14 – (Perfect Sound System)

Best Budget Laptops

Pavilion 14 is another decent option for students. This laptop is an all-rounder as it is cheap, stylish, and has good build quality. This laptop costs you around $700-$800 dollars. It has tons of features that justify its price bracket.

You can find a fingerprint scanner, webcam, touch screen, high-quality speakers, and a heavy process. It can tackle multiple tasks at the same time without any lag.

The advantage of choosing pavilion 14 is that it comes with a premium design, has an impressive audio system, powerful processors, and a good screen size. Average battery life and stiff keys are two common problems that you might face with this system.

6. Acer Chromebook 515 – (High-Quality Display)

Best Budget Laptops

Another contender for under $500 is Acer’s Chromebook. This is a cheap laptop, but I would not find any missing features or compromises in the build quality.

In this laptop, you will find the 11-GEN Core i3, which is quite famous for its flawless performance. You would find 128 SSD and 8GB of RAM on this laptop.

This Chromebook comes with a 15.6-Inch HD display which you can rarely find in this budget. So if you are looking for a good process and a vibrant display, then you must check out this device.

High-definition display, heavy performance, port selection, excessive RAM, and storage are some of the pros you would enjoy if you get this laptop. Cons of this laptop would include low battery life, no touch screen, and an underwhelming keyboard.

7. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Best Budget Laptops

If you are looking for a cheap laptop with a premium look, then you must try this Chromebook. The price of this laptop lies somewhere between $500 to $550, which is perfect for students. This laptop comes in two colors, red and gray.

Other than a premium display, the laptop also offers a touchscreen. The body of this Chromebook is quite sturdy and lightweight, which makes it a very popular option.

QLED panel, 7-hour battery life, multiple ports, and premium design are some of the pros of this device. The chrome book is best for handling academic tasks; the process of this device cannot handle extensive tasks. Running heaving software like Illustrator would result in lags.

8. Microsoft Surface Go 3 (Hybrid)

Best Budget Laptops

This is one of the best and most affordable options for students. This laptop cum tablet is best for dealing with academic tasks. It comes with a Pentium gold and 10th generation Core i3 process. You would get 8GB ram and 128GB SSD on this laptop. The laptop can easily run Windows 11 on it without any lags.

This device is not as powerful as Surface Pro 7/8 but offers the same kind of design and body. You can easily run low-demanding web applications and software programs on this laptop. For young students, it is the ideal choice as it is compact, easy to carry, and lightweight.

Low battery life and the unavailability of default keywords are the two big cons of this device. Other than this, Surface Go 3 is a very good option that you can buy for under $300.

9. Dell XPS 13 2022 (Compact)

Best Budget Laptops

If you are in high school, then you must check out the DELL XPS, as it doesn’t require much processing power. The laptop comes with a large display, discrete GPU, and good storage space.

The reasons to buy this laptop include a clean and refined design, sensible pricing, and a lightweight and portable body. Two important cons of this laptop include fewer physical ports and low battery life.

Writing essays, answering emails, and managing accounts are very easy with this device.

10. Asus Vivobook S14 – 11 Gen

Best Budget Laptops

If you need a laptop to tackle common tasks and assignments related to creative courses, then this might be the right choice for you. This laptop comes with an 11 generation intel processor and 16GB Ram. The laptop would cost you somewhere between $600-$750 and is best for high school students.

Reasonable price, a strong processor for gaming, a portable design, high-resolution screen are some of the popular reasons to buy this laptop. Because of the higher processor and screen size, you might face issues with battery life.

These are the top ten laptops that are suitable for students who are looking for systems on a low budget.

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