The Best Chrome Extensions for Quick Image Editing

Editing images is a necessity for many jobs or sharing on social networks, and complex software is not required for this. There are interesting options to have quickly at hand, in an extension in Google Chrome.

Chrome The Best Extensions for Quick Image Editing

The Best Chrome Extensions for Quick Image Editing

Check out the below Chrome extensions for editing the images.

1. Gimp online

Gimp Image Editor is an extension that can be used as a simple painting program, image editor, an already more advanced quality photo retouching program, an image renderer or an image format converter.

2. Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a powerful application to edit any image or photo that is available on the internet. Just right-click the photo and select Open with Photo Editor.

3. PhotoStudio

PhotoStudio is a photo editor to modify any image, be it camera photos, images available on the web or any other type. Provides a flexible area with a multitude of photo editing features, effects and filters.

4. Sumpaint

Sumopaint is a more complete proposal than the previous ones, with more resources and editing control. There are even those who compare it as a kind of Photoshop for the browser.

However, it is more intuitive, working with options for layers, importing files among many other advanced options.

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