7 Best Discord Moderation Bots for Managing Server Members

If you have a Discord server, of course you need help from a moderation bot so that the server can run well. The Discord moderation bot will work to organize your server automatically.

7 Best Discord Moderation Bots for Managing Server Members

7 Best Discord Moderation Bots for Managing Server Members

Such as giving a welcome to new members, controlling the server, preventing spam messages, and giving sanctions to members who violate Discord server rules.

So if you want to maintain the security of your Discord server without having to monitor it manually or assign moderator duties to one of the members, then you should add the best Discord moderation bot.

Below we have prepared a list of the 7 best Discord moderation bots, each with different features and advantages. So please read and choose one of your best bots!

1. MEE6

In first place, there is MEE6. This bot, which has been used by more than 14 million servers, deserves to be one of the best Discord moderation bots.

In fact, this bot is also trusted by several large servers such as Minecraft servers, PUBG Mobile, Roblox, MrBeast Gaming, and many more.

You can automatically configure the MEE6 bot to moderate the server you own by using certain commands. MEE6 also has the ability to keep your server safe and clean from members who break the rules.

MEE6 will automatically warn, mute, and even remove members who violate your server rules. So that way you don’t need to bother controlling every member’s words and actions.

Apart from functioning as a moderator, the MEE6 Discord bot also offers several other features such ascustom commands, reaction roles, social media alerts, welcome messages, leveling, custom bots, music,and evenvoice recording.

2. Probot

Probot is a Discord moderation bot that is still relatively new but has been successful in getting many users with positivefeedback, so there is no hesitation from us in placing Probot on the list of the best Discord moderation bots.

Apart from functioning as an automatic moderation bot, it can detect members with bad behavior and impose punishments on these members.

Probot also comes with various other features that are really needed by every Discord server.

Probot has various features such as providing a welcome message to new members, automatic responses to several questions, providing protection against possible attacks, and 24/7 online time.

Not only that, the best Discord moderator bot, which has been used on more than 3 million servers, can also be used to play music.

This feature is certainly very interesting considering that the 2 best Discord music bots, namely Rythm and Groovy, have been closed.

3. Dyno

Next there is the Dyno bot, this Discord moderation bot has been used on more than 5 million servers including several well-known servers.

Dyno Bot is also supported by a web dashboard display that you can use to setcommands, control the server, and make other settings related to this bot.

As a moderation bot, Dyno is able to detect violations committed by server members and provide warnings, mute, and even remove these members automatically.

Apart from functioning as a moderator bot on the Discord server, Dyno also comes with other very interesting features, such as creating polls, creating pinned messages, automatically cleaning and playing music.

4. Carl

Carl is very suitable to be used as a Discord moderation bot for advanced users who have sufficient experience and expertise in using Discord. Because, in this bot there are quite a lot of adjustments and configurations that you can set yourself.

Similar to other best Discord moderation bots, Carl will also detect actions that violate server rules and provide sanctions according to those set by the server owner.

Starting from muting it for a few moments, to removing it from the server.

Not only that, Carl also providesa blacklistwhich will be useful for refusing former members who have been expelled from rejoining the server.

Carl also has a mod log that you can use to track all activity on your server.

5. Tatsu

Tatsu is one of the very famous Discord bots that brings Tatsugotchi (Tamagotchi game) to the Discord server. However, Tatsu can still be relied on as the best moderation bot that is very suitable to be installed on your Discord server.

Because this bot will also automatically detect behavior that violates the rules and will immediately take action against the violators.

Apart from that, Tatsu can also work as a bot to provide automatic welcome and goodbye messages to members who have just joined and left your server.

Tatsu also has a feature to respond to a number of questions and provide automatic answers.

Oh yes, you won’t be able to find this Tatsugotchi feature in other Discord moderation bots either. Tatsugotchi itself is a feature for caringfor pets, starting from feeding them, making a house, to playing.

This feature is adapted from a digital game from Japan which was very popular in the 90s to early 2000s.

6. Arcane

Arcane bot will help you to moderate the Discord server automatically. So by inviting the Arcane bot to the Discord server, you don’t need to manually moderate members.

This Arcane bot will work to preventspam messages, excessive emojis, sentences in all caps, and some actions that violate server rules.

Apart from that, this bot will also automatically provide actions such as giving warnings, muting, and removing violators from the server.

Not only does it function as a moderator bot, Arcane also provides several very useful features such asleveling, reaction roles, YouTube notifications, advanced logging,andcustom commands.


Last but not least!YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) is the best Discord media bot that you can try. This bot works very similarly to other moderation bots.

Where this bot will monitor every action of server members 24/7. This bot will automatically take actions such as warning, muting, and even expelling members who violate server rules.

Apart from functioning as an automatic moderator, YAGPDB can also work to post automaticfeeds,self-assignable roles, andcustom commands.

So those are the 7 best Discord moderation bots that you can use on your Discord server as a moderator! Each bot certainly has its own advantages, mainstay features and disadvantages. So please make your own choice!

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