Best Features and Specifications of TWS Wireless Earphones 2022

Moecen brought out budget earbuds known as Honor Choice Earbuds X1, which ought to do with brand name Huawei or Honor. These are the future tws wireless earphones that have a similar design to Airpods Pro, but the cost tag is often lower.

Best Features and Specifications of TWS Wireless Earphones
Best Features and Specifications of TWS Wireless Earphones

Best Features and Specifications of TWS Wireless Earphones 2022

The earbuds accepted a Bluetooth 5.0 connection handy touch control with an easy fit. As well support for SBC and AAC codecs and practical battery life up to 5 hrs.

What additional is the noteworthy brand-new model of TWS earbuds? Let’s discover all the shades in a careful review.

Honor Choice Earbuds X1: Specifications:

The Honor Choice Earbuds X boasts bang-up specifications:

  • Resistivity: 16 ohms
  • Driver unit: 7 mm active
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Frequency-response curve: 20-20000Hz
  • Bluetooth protocol: AAC and SBC
  • Battery Life: 55(500)mAh
  • Charging Time: 90min
  • Associations: Type-C
  • Weight unit: 4.3(38.5)gms
  • Music Time: 5h


The visual aspect of the Honor Choice Earbuds X1 is related to Apple’s flagship Airpods Pro earbuds. Shiny white fictile leaves beneficial finger marks as well as dents also.

If we discuss the quality of the assemblage, here in that respect, there are zero complaints. Edition Honor Earbuds X1 experienced high-quality joints with no squeakers.

Connection and Control:

The Honor Choice Earbuds X1 earbuds are associated thru the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless association to the mobile gimmick. The mating itself is comfortable and straightforward; there are zero connection troubles.

It is value noting that the quality of communication is adequate. During examinations, there was no chime in contact even by 2 walls from the origin or at a space of 10 ms.

If we talk of holds up, they are here, mainly when checking video clips on YouTube. Simply in games, the delay is somewhat felt.

Sound Quality:

Honor Choice Earbuds X1 adjoins a 7 mm active driver for sound quality. Apt that the flagship earbuds have double the size of the device driver Consequently, Apple’s sound quality is a lot better.

Honor Earbuds X1 TWS earbuds have a refined sound, particularly when it makes out to high pitch. But low and average, it wants to get a little better.

Battery Life:

Each earbud experienced 55 mAh of battery capacity, and the entire battery life will be equal to about 5 hrs. You can enjoy your music non-stop for hours or you can talk unlimited on calls.

The tws wireless earbuds charging box has an extra 500 mAh battery capacity, and the entire battery life from the box seat will give you some other 24 hrs to work offline.

Finding of Fact:

Honor Choice Earbuds X1 are beneficial wireless earbuds with a beautiful price tag.

Talking about the audio quality, I have modest questions, simply if you are not a concert-goer and you do not concern about heavy bass, and so the earbuds are appropriate for you with no questions. You can find the best tws earbuds in best price.

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