The Best Free Fax App: Cocofax Help You Send Faxes in Minutes

If you have the right tool, you can now send a fax from your phone quickly and as fast as possible anywhere you are. Some persons may need to send a fax that is of personal or professional use and desire a secure platform or app that can provide solutions. You are in the right place.

The Best Free Fax App: Cocofax Help You Send Faxes in Minutes

Imagine that you have business deals to close, and you need the other party to check out some documents and sign them. You don’t have to wait long as you can always send them across using Cocofax and ask them to mark it as all the work will be done within minutes.

Sending faxes do not need to take so much time out of the little time you have. You don’t need to be stressed out trying to navigate an unresponsive app that initially promised you fast service.

Now you can easily send faxes online without having to worry about all of these things. Sending a fax online is now as easy as sending an email. Of course, with the right tool.

This article would show you how to do that using Cocofax, an online fax app.

Cocofax: The Best Free Fax App

Cocofax is an all-in-one platform that makes the work easier for business people and those in the corporate world to send and receive faxes online. It is efficient for business people and adequate for personal purposes as it is very reliable and dependable.

The Best Free Fax App
The Best Free Fax App

It is a cloud-based platform through which you can send and receive faxes securely and reliably from any device in over 180 countries.

Cocofax won the award of quality choice as the top-ranked solution in 2021 by Crozdesk.

You can organize faxes without dealing with physical documents by sending and receiving faxes from your devices like Android or iOS mobile devices, PC(Mac or Windows), or other devices that can connect to the internet.

Why you Should Choose Cocofax

Cocofax has a lot of benefits and features, which makes it a leading online fax platform. Some of them include the following;

Ease of Usage:

Using Cocofax is not a complex process. You don’t need to be highly trained to use Cocofax, and it is as easy as sending an email. In Cocofax, you can search for your fax of interest within minutes by simply inputting the keyword title of the fax you are looking for in the search bar.

It would come up before you even know it. This makes it less challenging for you as it is an easy process.

Environmentally Friendly:

Nothing ‘eats’ space as much as too much paperwork. There are offices with rooms locked up not because the rooms are not essential but because papers are in use.

Since the use of paperwork will never reduce, at least creating an adverse phenomenon is essential.

Cocofax helps eliminate the use of too much paperwork allowing for a greener environment with less paper waste lying around.

Adaptable Fax Solutions:

Cocofax Help You Send Faxes in Minutes
Cocofax Help You Send Faxes in Minutes

For any kind of business needs, Cocofax can adapt to it regardless of the size and category. Even if you are a business with several employees, Cocofax offers you a range of features tailored to your needs. You also don’t have to worry about any hidden charges while using the app.


Cocofax is a highly encrypted application that allows you to work with 100% security. You don’t have to worry about your personal or professional data being leaked. Its premium measures ensure that your fax is for you alone.

Free and Reliable:

Cocofax is being used in over 180 countries because of its reliable service. With CocoFax, you are sure of your fax delivered in a short time as it also saves you a lot of time when trying to find a fax.

Also, it offers you a free trial which you can use until you decide it has all the features and provides you with the benefits you need. There is indeed nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Free Fax Number:

With Cocofax, you can get a free fax number, and you can use it to fax for up to 10 pages for 24 hours. This is most useful, especially if you fax once in a while. Your credit cards will not be required to get this. If you are a regular fax user, you can also get a fax number for free in the basic plan for regular fax senders.

Basic Steps You Can Follow to Send Faxes Across

Sending and receiving fax online using Cocofax is easy if you follow these steps;

  • Have an account: You must have a Cocofax account to be able to use their services.
  • Add the recipient’s fax number.
  • After that, you upload the documents you wish to send and add a subject.
  • Then click on ‘send’.
Best Free Fax App
Best Free Fax App

There you have it. You can follow the same process to send your faxes. To view received faxes, all you need to do is log into your account on Cocofax, and all the received faxes would appear.


If you are looking for the best online fax sending app, we have just provided you with the best, trusted, and secure platform which you can use. With paperwork or some other less standard platforms, there is a high chance of losing important data or even having someone else prying into your business.

But with Cocofax, you are sure of getting quality and secure service.

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