Best Free VPNs for Creating Secure Private Connections

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, which in Spanish translates as “Virtual Private Network”. This type of software allows you to hide your real IP, offering you one generated from anywhere on the planet.

In addition, it allows you toaccess content blockedaccording to your geographical location and protect all your data while browsing the Internet.

Best Free VPNs for Creating Secure Private Connections
Best Free VPNs for Creating Secure Private Connections

Best Free VPNs for Creating Secure Private Connections

VPNs are made up of two parts, a server and the client that would become you. After installing the program, you access the server through achannel or private networkthat will not be physically connected.

This tunnel will allow you to send and receive data safely through encryption, which will allow you to browse under total anonymity.

Free VPN Features

A VPN will allow you to change your geographical location andcreate a different IPanywhere in the world, as long as it is available on the server.

Some restrict the best locations for paid versions. For some pages, changing your location gives you benefits, such asaccessing exclusive featuresnot available in your country.

Advantages and disadvantages

The demand for privacy and anonymity opened the doors for VPNs, so we can find many on the Internet. It should be noted that the paid versions are better foroffering greater benefits, while in the free VPN you end up paying in some way, although it maintains some advantages:

  • You do not pay any monthly or annual fee.
  • It is not necessary to register on the VPN platform.
  • You do not register your email.
  • You do not provide payment information.
  • Create a different IP.
  • Access blocked content.

Of course, not everything can be good, sincethe disadvantages of free VPNsare more than the benefits you can receive, such as:

  • Record the bandwidth.
  • Slow speed due to server overload.
  • It does not offer support.
  • They may contain advertisements.
  • Less security and encryption.
  • They can sell your data.
  • You can save records.

Considerations for choosing a VPN

Free VPNs are a netizen of mine, and this translates into two things:high latency and low speed.This combination can ruin our browsing experience, not to mention considering who is behind the service. All users will be on the same network, so they could capture your data during the transfer and use it.

All of this can be daunting todownload a VPN,but you can avoid these pitfalls to get the most out of it. If you consider this, you can use the ideal software to encrypt your information:

  • Connection speed.
  • Latency level.
  • Ease of connection to the VPN.
  • Who provides the free VPN service?

Best Free VPNs

You may not yet knowhow to choose a VPNto perform the task you have in mind, so we have selected some of the best options to access the secure and private network considering the above.

Opera VPN

Opera’s browser includes a VPN, although it should be noted thatit is not a VPN as such, but a proxy; that you can activate if you have the browser installed on your computer.

Its operation is quite simple and allows you to access under anonymity any web page that you open during its execution.

It offers aspeed of 300Mbps symmetricand an additional latency for your connection of plus or minus 60 ms. It should be noted that this VPN only works to work with the Opera browser under anonymity, not with external programs.

Download Opera


This is one of the best software to create virtual private networks for free that you can find on the Internet. Open VPN allows you to connect with 6 different countries in its free version:USA, England, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

It is available for different operating systems:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.Another interesting aspect is that you can download the file for configuring the connection to the country you want. Remember to consider your distance from the country you choose as it can affect latency and symmetric speed.

Download OpenVPN


Some of the frequent problems in free VPNs are data limits, but Proton does not have any limits. In addition, it offers servers in Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. The latter is ideal if you are in Latin America toimprove speed and latency during the connection.

Like the previous one, you need to download the software to access their servers. On the other hand, although itdoes not show advertising, it is very popular and the servers may be overloaded at some times of the day.

Download ProtonVPN


Maybe you need a free VPN for your smartphone, so you need options. Try2Catch is available for Android and iOS, in addition to offering servers in different countries, highlighting theUS, Russia and Turkey.

This VPN will help you touse an application that is blockedaccording to your geographical position. In addition, if you have an app that offers exclusive options for the United States, you will be able to access them without problems.

Download Try2Catch


Cloudflare offers a free VPN connection system for all Android, iOS, Windows and MAC users looking for privacy and security. This VPNimproves the unstable connection of the 3G and 4G networksbeing its main characteristic.

Thanks to the UDP transport protocol, it offers higher speed than other mobile VPNs. On the other hand, it does not shield security as itencrypts DNS queries and traffic.Finally, it offers a speed of 50MBbps download and 250Mbps upload.

Download WARP

List of VPNs to avoid

If you remember the disadvantages that we mentioned earlier, you will know that if you choose a VPN wrong, not only can they steal your information, but itcanalsoinfect your computer: computer, mobile, tablet, among others. That is why we have a list of VPNs that you should never use:

  1. Hello:It is a P2P network not a VPN.
  2. CrossVPN:The installer includes a Trojan.
  3. SFly Network Booster:It is not a VPN and accesses the device data.
  4. OkVPN:Presents advertising in other programs.
  5. EasyVPN:Invade other applications with advertising.
  6. Psiphon:Agreement with other companies to access your data.
  7. HoxxVPN:It is a proxy not a VPN.
  8. Archie VPN:Includes malware.
  9. HatVPN: Itshares your real geographic location and is infected with malware.
  10. Go VPN:It is a proxy, not a VPN, and displays third-party personalized ads.

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