10 Best Ideal Perfumes To Use In the Summer

The most suitable perfumes to use in the summer are those with aquatic, citric and floral notes that bring a feeling of freshness.

Best Ideal Perfumes To Use In the Summer

With the arrival of summer, everyone starts to worry about the trends of the season, be it in fashion, beauty and of course perfumery. After all, the hottest and sunniest time of the year calls for fresher and more refreshing fragrances. So today we bring you a list of some summer perfume tips to help you choose yours.

In summer, the request is perfumed with fragrances that express the characteristics of the climate. Therefore, perfumes with aquatic, citric and floral notes are very successful this season, as they tend to provide refreshing sensations. Fragrance Direct student discount offers a huge discount to help those looking to brighten up their summer days.

In this list, we selected perfumes for all tastes and budgets, with national brands such as O Boticário and also international brands such as Giorgio Armani, Billie Eilish’s Wet Poppy Fragrance and Gucc. However, these are summer perfume suggestions and you can choose what you prefer from the list or not. Check out:

Best Ideal Perfumes To Use In the Summer

So, let’s check out the main ideal perfumes to use in the summer and rock with a very special and characteristic smell.

1. Humor Liberta, by Natura

We start our list with a national perfume that is the face of summer. Humor Liberta cologne, by Natura, is a super democratic fragrance, with vibrant notes of pink pepper and copaiba. Also, it’s a unisex perfume, so you can also use it with bae.

2. Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom is a super special fragrance, created to bloom, just like its name. The essence of the perfume brings notes of Jasmine from India, with a white floral scent with vanilla, resulting in a light and refreshing perfume in the right measure.

3. CK2, by Calvin Klein

Another option for a summer perfume that is unisex. This Calvin Klein perfume has an aromatic woody scent, combined with contrasting notes that change over time.

4. Free Hugs, by O Boticário

Another national fragrance, the Free Hugs perfume by O Boticário is a perfume that brings a cozy smell. With notes of lavender, combined with lemon, mandarin, jasmine and a special touch of violet, the perfume brings a great feeling of freshness, being perfect for the hottest days of the year.

5. Acqua Di Gioia, Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gioia is a green and very striking perfume. Its essence has nuances of mint and lemon that bring freshness to the perfume, as well as notes of brown sugar that make everything even more striking. By the way, the perfume has a balanced sweetness that is not too sweet.

6. Kaiak Aventura, by Natura

Kaiak Aventura Feminino by Natura is one of the brand’s best perfumes for summer. With a fresh and super enveloping fragrance, it is a perfume that leaves its mark wherever it goes.

Its composition features red rose, as well as the freshness of bergamot and green and aquatic notes, perfect to use at this time of year.

7. Lemongrass, by L’Occitane

The Capim-Limão Deo Cologne is perfect for summer because it is a perfume that brings a delicious feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

The perfume is made with lemongrass extract, and with other natural ingredients that provide a spicy smell and rich in citrus notes, which brings the feeling of lightness and freshness.

9. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dream is a feminine perfume with floral notes and woody fruity touches that guarantee all the freshness and lightness of the fragrance.

In addition, the perfume still has white wood, musk, blackberry and coconut in its composition, all of this to obtain the remarkable scent of the perfume.

10. Pur Blanca, by Avon

Finally, a more affordable summer perfume, perfect for everyday wear and more casual activities. Avon’s Pur Blanca is a floral perfume, which stands out for its freesia, white rose and musk in its composition. It is a perfume that gives a feeling of cleanliness and prolongs the feeling of having taken a bath.

8. CK One Summer by Calvin Klein

Another perfume from Calvin Klein, CK One Summer is a fragrance specially designed for summer. Therefore, it provides sensations of relaxation that are the face of the season. In addition, the perfume has fresh and extravagant accords to make the smell even more striking.

Perfect notes for summer

Anyway, now that we’ve seen some suggestions for perfumes for the summer, let’s talk about the ideal notes for this season.

In fact, it can be a complicated task to choose a perfume that is the face of summer, due to several factors. So, as it is a naturally warmer season, issues such as sweat and intense heat must be taken into account when choosing the perfect fragrance for the season.

Therefore, the ideal notes to use in the summer are those that are more citric, and fruity, with roses, flowers and natural elements. All this together is what results in refreshing and light fragrances that are the face of the tropical season.

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