6 Best Indian Movies Featuring Student Life

College life must be one of the most important and entertaining phases. Of course, it comes with its own struggles, but the fun and interesting activities are still the best part of it.

While everyone knows and has probably already watched classic American movies about students, the Hindi ones are really undervalued. That’s why we made this list of 6 Indian movies for students.

6 Best Indian Movies Featuring Student Life
6 Best Indian Movies Featuring Student Life

6 Best Indian Movies Featuring Student Life

Wake Up Sid (2009)

A debut movie from Ayan Mukerji about a student named Sid (Siddharth), who is one of the most relatable characters ever. Sid is careless, lazy, loves partying, and is a professional procrastinator.

The film is pretty realistic, telling a story about how the main character evolves and overcomes the hardships of studying.

Even without help from professional tutors, Sid managed to pass all the exams successfully. We wouldn’t recommend taking such risks, though, as, in some cases, having a tutor is a must for the ones willing to study better. And of course, it’s all about partying and having fun in the end.

3 Idiots (2009)

This one tells about 3 guys from Imperial College of Engineering, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. The movie exposes several problems as well as the progress in the friendship of the main characters.

The overachievement, high demands from parents, and bullying are shown to be the main issues of the education system.

But it’s not the main focus. As we follow three friends, who despite all the differences in their personalities always manage to find an understanding and have fun.

The characters are very relatable, as they have both exciting moments and the usual struggles of a student. Because disappointments happen too, even in movies.

Trust Me, I Am Here (2004)

Trust Me, I Am Here starts with an army major getting into a college as a freshman. With the purpose of defending his country, of course. But, he falls in love with a teacher and now has to not only be an army man, but also a successful student.

Including all the chores and troubles this title comes with, like having to endlessly search for a guide like here to be able to write a simple academic interests essay. But anyway, his feelings for the teacher become the reason a typical love triangle appears.

Trust Me, I Am Here has an interesting mix of things you wouldn’t expect to see in one movie:

  • Some old-school action with explosions
  • Love triangles
  • Classic Bollywood singing
  • Hardships of studying and college in general
  • Relationship between a student and teacher

While not being the marvel of cinematography, it’s still produced on a decent level. But the main reason why we recommend the film is the combination of some typical and extraordinary situations that could (or couldn’t) happen during college.

2 States (2014)

The list of best college movies would be incomplete without at least one romance story. 2 States takes its title from the North and South parts of India. Basically, it’s a Bollywood interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. Without the tragedy in the end, though.

The idea is pretty simple, two students meet at the university and fall in love with each other. But coming from divided parts of the country, their feelings are considered wrong. Their path and the challenges of dealing with their parents are supported by great cinematographic work and acting performance.

Student Of The Year (2012)

This one could be called an Indian version of Gossip Girl, with all the drama and stereotypical characters. But it still manages to deliver the enjoyable experience from watching it. As you could probably guess from its title, the film is about the race to become the student of the year.

It depicts a classic love triangle with a wealthy female student who falls in love with a guy from a poor family. The college life shown in this film is pretty careless and doesn’t include usual burdens.

Writing a research paper and trying to find a website with a good guide for the title page doesn’t seem to bother them. However, this isn’t the main focus of the movie, as it is really interesting to watch how the characters deal with all the intrigues and challenges in the pursuit of the desired title.

Fukrey (2013)

Fukrey is a comedy movie about 4 friends trying to have the best time in college. Well, the college they’re trying to at least get in. Two school graduates and best friends don’t have the grades and financial support to enter it.

And in the pursuit of getting what they want, the guys meet the other two main characters and fall into the endless pit of hilarious situations and troubles.

The humor in the movie is great and spontaneous, which is priceless for a comedy. Overall, it has a great balance between stupidity and intellectual jokes, making it a must-watch on our list.

6 Best Indian Movies Featuring Student Life
6 Best Indian Movies Featuring Student Life

Final Words

Watching characters in films is always fascinating, especially when they’re relatable and interesting to watch. But don’t forget about your own studying experience. Visit this site to receive some useful information on copy editing to improve your writing skills or attend online courses if needed.

And of course, spend the time wisely. College life is the perfect opportunity not to only gain knowledge, but to meet new people and have fun together.

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