12 Best NFT Games In 2024?

The best NFT game is a blockchain-based game platform, where the entire collection of items in the game can be bought and sold on the marketplace using crypto assets.

12 Best NFT Games in 2022, Which is the Most Exciting?

12 Best NFT Games In 2024, Which is the Most Exciting?

Most of these NFT games will be operated using the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. For this reason, the role of crypto wallets and a number of ETH and BNB coins is very important in NFT game transactions. So, what games are suitable to invest in 2024?

In fact, there are many crypto NFT games that are currently gaining popularity among the public. In fact, some of them can be accessed for free.

However, there are some games that require an initial fee to be able to access them. Below, we have created the 12 best NFT games in 2024 that you can play.

1. Axie Infinity

So far, Axie Infinity is one of the best NFT games that is most popular among others. This game has a theme that is almost similar to Pokemon. However, it is built on the Ethereum blockchain and features strategy concepts in turn.

In order to be a winner on the Axie Infinity battlefield, players must be able to develop smart tactics and skills in making decisions. Apart from that, Axie Infinity is a Play to Earn based NFT game and uses AXS as the crypto asset it uses.

Axie Infinity itself is a fighting game between virtual pets. Here players can develop habits and care for their pets so they can win the battle.

To play it, there are two modes that you can choose, namely Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP). Both can produce SLP tokens and AXS tokens as rewards for players.

Meanwhile, to increase your strength in defeating enemies, you can trade your collections and pets to the Axie Marketplace. These collections and pets can also be traded for profit.

2. MIR 4

MIR 4 is the best MMORPG-based NFT game that displays a wide open world. Here players can choose a class to explore the battlefield and face dangerous enemies. In fact, MIR 4 has been quite popular since before NFT games were known.

The presence of MIR 4 shows that games that have been around for a long time can utilize blockchain to improve their gameplay and provide a more interesting experience for players.

Currently, MIR 4 has become an official NFT game and provides a Play to Ear feature for all players. This game also has a marketplace that allows you to exchange in- game characters and collections using DRACO as a digital asset in the game.

Not only that, players can also process Darksteel, which is the main resource that can be converted into DRACO to gain profits. One of the best areas for mining Darksteel is Bicheon Valley. However, you can also collect Darksteel through daily tasks or achievements.

3. Plant VS Undead

Don’t ask anymore, Plant VS Undead (PVU) is one of the best NFT games which is quite popular among old school game fans . This game was made with a gameplay that is very similar to Plants VS Zombies, which was once popular.

Here, players are required to grow epic plants by defending waves of monsters in order to win prizes. By introducing the NFT game , the Plant VS Undead game, which was originally only created for entertainment purposes, can now actually provide financial benefits for the players.

Players can earn income by becoming a garden owner to continue the main content, or becoming a gardener to grow trees and scare away crows.

The prizes received by players are in the form of Light Energy (LE), which can be used to purchase various built-in equipment or accumulated in exchange for PVU tokens with real value.

If you are looking for an NFT game that can be played for free, then Plant VS Undead could be the right choice. You can pocket various valuable assets without having to spend any capital.

4. To be surprised

Who is an RPG game lover here? You must try playing Mirandus. This best RPG-based NFT game provides a fantasy gaming experience supported by blockchain technology. You can roam the clay kingdom and maintain your character to fight against wild beasts.

Apart from that, there are also Exemplars here which can provide a different experience for players. Exemplars are elite avatars that allow players to collect and perform various skills. Currently, there are five Exemplars with unique statistics for you to choose from.

As a bonus, here players can have land certificates or Deeds as digital assets. Later, players are free to do whatever they want on the land they have purchased. Players can also complete various missions or buy and sell collectibles in the marketplace to gain profits in this Play to Earn game.

5. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a rising star in the NFT world operating on top of the Binance Smart Chain. This best NFT game carries an RPG concept that allows players to control fictional avatars to complete missions against enemies.

Here, you will only use one token, namely the SKILL token. This token is used as the main prize and crypto asset in this game. This asset can also be traded with other crypto assets or converted into fiat currency.

With this NFT game concept, players can buy and sell goods in the marketplace using SKILL tokens to make their avatars into valuable digital assets that can also be traded. You can also use SKILL tokens for staking on the system and generate quite a high difference.

6. Sisterhood

Football fans must try this best NFT game. Sorare originates from France and operates on blockchain. Here players can become football coaches and team managers to develop game strategies for the players.

By carrying out the concept of a soccer match, the main content of this NFT game is to take player cards and let them fight in this game. Each card’s strength will be analyzed through its performance in the match. Apart from that, the number of points will also be the key to determining the performance of your line-up.

In Sorare, you also have the opportunity to get bonuses. This game also provides epic cards as weekly prizes for the highest level players.

Each soccer player card will be grouped based on its rarity level because each card has a limited supply. This means that the rarity of the card will significantly influence the assessment.

7. Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm is the best NFTgame that carries the concept of farming. You will live life in a village by harvesting crops and raising pets in a virtual land.

This game operates on the Binance Smart Chain or BSC so all the plants and tools in this game are NFT assets that you can exchange and buy and sell on the marketplace. In this game, players will get the Play to Earn experience by raising animals and planting plants to produce quality agricultural products.

Furthermore, these agricultural products can be sold to earn income. Apart from that, you can also take part in various fun activities with quite tempting prizes. Interestingly, this NFT game provides an ownership feature so you can rent other people’s land to develop agriculture.

Each virtual land in this best NFT game will be interspersed with 4 types and varied challenge modes. Of course this gives a more interesting impression when playing.

In this game, there are two crypto tokens that can be used, namely WANA and WAI. WANA is the ultimate utility token, players can use it to purchase in- game collectibles and retain voting rights in maintaining the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, WAI is a crypto token that you can use to develop land and pay all the costs needed to run a farm. In addition, WAI token supply is unlimited with a token burning system to liquidate the in- game economy.

8. Decentralized

Decentraland is another best NFT game after Axie Infinity. By carrying out the Metaverse concept and being based on the Ethereum blockchain, this game is able to provide a new experience for players to get a virtual second life.

Here, players can create their own avatar and build the desired kingdom on a virtual plot. By owning land, players will have the freedom to create NFT-related events and decorate the land. Players can also invite other players to visit the event and pay for tickets.

Decentraland uses the MANA token as the main utility token to carry out various transactions in this game. In addition, MANA token holders also have a say in future changes to the platform protocol.

9. Town Star

Through the Town Star game, you will be brought back to nostalgia for old school simulation games such as HayDay and FarmVille. In this best NFT game, you can carry out various farming activities virtually, from clearing annoying bushes to hiring farmers.

Apart from that, players can also trade crops and various in- game collectibles to gain profits and enrich their farms. You can also compete with other players to enter the weekly top 100 rankings. Players who successfully enter will get GALA tokens.

Apart from that, players can also experience Play to Earn by getting TOWN tokens in various ways such as completing daily missions or collecting 1000 animals within 24 hours.

10. Star Atlas

The success achieved by Star Atlas has succeeded in providing another picture of the NFT gaming industry that operates using Metaverse and DeFi. As the best NFT game with AAA quality with the highest production costs, Star Atlas is famous for its immersive real-time gaming experience.

Players can experience visuals on a neat cinematic scale as if they were watching a film. By carrying the theme of time travel to a futuristic era, Star Atlas gives players the opportunity to become part of the galaxy’s citizens with different career choices.

The career options that you can pursue are mining, selling, maintaining spaceships, and fighting competition. Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to stake more tokens. Of course this makes the game feel even more interesting.

All collections and weapons in the cosmic Star Atlas are NFT assets that can be bought and sold through the Star Atlas marketplace. Besides that, this game has two types of crypto, namely POLIS and ATLAS.

POLIS is a governance token for voting on platform proposals through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Meanwhile, ATLAS tokens act as a reward for every transaction made in the game and can be exchanged for fiat currency to gain profits.

11. The Sandbox

Sandbox is the best first generation NFT game that carries the concept of Play to Earn and NFT crypto games . The game removes the platform’s control over user-generated content. Therefore, all players have the opportunity to monetize their own content in Sandbox.

After the player has succeeded in obtaining a certain amount of LAND, the player can use a toolkit called “The Sanbox Game Maker” to be creative with the kingdom they own. Apart from that, users also have the opportunity to generate NFT assets in various forms, ranging from characters, pets, vehicles and various other items.

The Sandbox uses SAND as the crypto asset used to carry out in- game transactions. These tokens can also be staked to generate greater profits. In addition, SAND tokens can give voting rights to their holders to vote on long-term ecosystem-related proposals.

12. Lime Odyssey

Lime Odyssey is the best NFT game which is no less popular than several previous games. Initially, this was an ordinary game which was later turned into an NFT game. This switch gives players the opportunity to play in the Play to Earn crypto world with no initial fees.

In this game, players will adventure in a fantasy world and gain profits through NFTs and ITAM tokens. The ITAM token is a token that can be used by players to carry out various NFT collection transactions in Lime Odyssey.

There are seven main game mode options here that allow players to get unique types of incentives such as Dual Battle, Campaign, Infinite Dungeon, Raid Boss, World Boss, and Dreaming Desert.

So, those are some recommendations for the best NFT games that are fun and profitable to play. Which is your favorite?

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