Where Is the Best Place to Hide a GPS Tracker?

It’s virtually never a good idea to put GPS trackers in a prominent spot, even while they may be a really valuable tool for finding a stolen car and a fantastic way to keep tabs on the people you love. You don’t want a car thief to discover your tracker and take it offline, after all.

Where Is the Best Place to Hide a GPS Tracker?
Where Is the Best Place to Hide a GPS Tracker?

Where Is the Best Place to Hide a GPS Tracker?

You don’t want an unruly kid to be able to circumvent your GPS tracking device, and you might not want an elderly parent who is suffering from cognitive decline to be aware that you keep an eye on their whereabouts.

Every GPS tracker needs to be concealed, even if you trust the persons you allow drive your automobile. We’ll discuss the ideal locations for your GPS gadget in this post. When you don’t want other drivers to see the tracking device, we’ll start with locations to hide it.

Below the Car

Even though anybody may easily access the bottom of your car, most people won’t think to check for a GPS tracking device under the undercarriage of a car.

While still providing you with a strong signal, a tracker with a magnetic shell will adhere to the undercarriage. Simply be sure to shield it from rain, snow, and harmful road chemicals.

Dashboard Interior

Are you able to access your dashboard? If so, the ideal spot to hide a GPS transmitter is there. The driver won’t be able to easily locate it, and it will be near enough to the windshield and glass for it to continue receiving signals from the GPS satellites in orbit above.

Back Seat

If your vehicle has a center fold-down armrest for the back seat, your GPS tracking device will often be hidden behind that armrest unless someone reaches far behind the seat.

Inside the Trunk

Set up your GPS tracker just behind the rear seats at the top of the inside side of the trunk. Use duct tape to secure the tracker to any wiring (such as speaker cables) in order to improve reception.

Inside the Bumper’s Plastic or Fiberglass Cover

An obvious spot to put a GPS monitor when you don’t have access to the inside of the automobile is inside the bumper, and you can find a guide on SEEWORLD®.

Old-style metal bumpers can interfere with the GPS signal, therefore they aren’t the ideal position for your tracking unit. This is the difficulty with installing a GPS monitor within a bumper.

However, in more recent models, bumpers serve as an effective cover for GPS tracking devices. The bumper on more recent bumpers is covered with a fiberglass or plastic coating.

You get good concealment and reception by placing the tracking device between the fiberglass or plastic cover and the metal underneath.

Both the front and back bumpers function effectively.

The brake Lights

The cover for your brake lights may be readily removed, making it simple to install a GPS monitoring device.

The brake light cover is made of plastic, which does not obstruct the GPS signal and should result in excellent reception. But the tracking device will be found if the brake lights are damaged or need to be removed.

Car Seat Cushion Interior

A GPS tracker should be sewed within the back of a front seat cushion, on the side closest to the car’s center.

Alternatively, you may sew a GPS tracker into the front of the rear seat cushion, once again, on the side closest to the center of the vehicle.

It takes some work to hide anything in this way, but it’s quite improbable that any driver will thought to check there.

Sun Visor interior

Place your tracking device inside the passenger-side sun visor if your main concern is keeping your car from being stolen.

Despite the fact that it would be simple for someone to find the device, this location is excellent for signal reception and transmission.

Beyond the Glove Storage

Place the tracking device in the glove compartment, then replace the glove compartment. The device’s signal might not be as powerful, but it is not likely to be picked up.

Over the Brake and Accelerator Pedals

On the car’s driver’s side, look for a nook directly above the foot pedals. The tracking gadget will be relatively simple to install and remove if you have room here.

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