Here Are Best Platforms For Live Video Streaming

The live video streaming is just the live broadcast of a video on the internet. It has become today one of the best methods to follow movies, video tutorials, games sessions with an Internet connection.

You also want to stream videos on the Internet so here are the best streaming platforms for your live broadcasts.

Here are Best Platforms for Live Video Streaming
Here are Best Platforms for Live Video Streaming

Here are Best Platforms for Live Video Streaming

Twitch – The reference for Gaming Live

Twitch is a streaming and VOD service for video games, e-sports and related programs launched in June 2011.

In just a few years, Twitch has established itself as the benchmark for streaming live video games. The platform breaks records at all scales, winning in particular the palm of the greatest number of viewing hours in 2018, namely … 9.36 billion hours ! By comparison, the YouTube Live platform has only $ 2.31 billion.

A true social network, it brings together 10 million video game enthusiasts a day, exchanging tips on how to pass a level or score points at Fortnite, Apex Legends.

If you are looking for a site to stream your games games on the Internet like Squeezie, Gotaga, Ninja or just watch video games then Twitch is the streaming platform you need.

YouTube Live – Live Broadcast

Highly prized by “YouTubers” (and rightly so), the YouTube Live platform is ideal for interacting with your audience, whether with your subscribers as part of a series of Q & As, or for animate an online course and generate views.

With more than 1.8 billion visits to YouTube per month (figures from April 2018), we understand why YouTube can be an effective tool for live.

Three streaming modes exist: live webcam video, live mobile video, live video via encoder. Side viewer, it does not change much. Whatever the content, the YouTube platform (founded in 2005) is an ideal relay to reach a wide audience, which easily accesses content.

PS: not to be confused with the other “YouTube Live” Event, which is a YouTube marketing event from 2008, remained so far unfulfilled.

Dailymotion Games

Focused very specifically on video games (as its name suggests), the platform has 3 million users each month. They publish or follow live or pre-recorded content of their online adventures. Little more?

Content can be shared on social networks for better visibility. Also, live video selections are offered based on your profile and viewing habits.

Know that Dailymotion, and its subsidiary Dailymotion Games, are not accessible anywhere in the world: if you travel, you will need to have a VPN connection to continue viewing your favorite content. And if it is about the content you like, you also have theCastr stream playerat your disposal; an excellent service that offers live TV, game, sports and educational streaming.

Smashcast, Twitch’s competitor

Launched in 2013, Hitbox is a website focused primarily on e-Sport, whose goal was to shade Twitch. However, nearly 6 years after its creation, the platform is bought and renamed “”.

If she remains a reference, she did not fulfill her initial contract. With its simplified and intuitive navigation, it is easy to access the live channels and videos that interest you, from the magazine on cryptocurrency to the latest video games releases. A recommended site for the curious looking for everything and anything.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time on Facebook. Answer their thorny questions, find out what they are thinking, and check their reactions in real time to evaluate how your broadcast is going.

Whether you have Internet browsing experience or not, these live streaming platforms give you easy access to billions of content, recorded live from around the world. General site or specialized in video games, it’s up to you!

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