16 Best Poster Maker Apps 2021 | Enjoy Using Android, iOS & PC

Poster Maker Applications– Posters are a very useful medium in advertising or promoting a business whether it is in the form of goods or services. Therefore, posters must be designed as good and attractive as possible so that customers can be attracted to the service or product.

Best Poster Maker Apps
Best Poster Maker Apps

However, most of the people think that making posters is quite difficult to do. In fact, the manufacturing process is relatively easy because there are currently lots of applications available that can be used to make posters whether it’s on an Android smartphone, iPhone, laptop, PC or computer.

Interestingly, these applications can be downloaded for free and can be used both online and offline so that they are very user friendly. As long as you know how to operate it, you can produce work in the form of posters or brochures like a professional designer.

Therefore, before making a poster, it would be nice to know in advance what its applications are. So, on this occasion we will provide recommendations for the best poster maker software and applications on Android, iOS and PC.

15 Best Poster Maker Apps 2021 | Enjoy Using Android, iOS & PC

1. Canva

The first best poster maker application recommendation for you is Canva. Canva is claimed to have a myriad of templates that users can use to design various kinds of products, one of which is CLOTHING T-SHIRT DESIGN.

So besides being able to be used for designing posters, Canva can also be used for making banners, flyers to headers. What’s more, this application is equipped with thousands of clip art, fonts and background images so that it is a distinct advantage.

2. Poster Maker – Poster Creator & Poster Designer

This application made by the developer of Cute Wallpaper Studio has been downloaded by more than one million Google Play Store users and gets a total average rating of 4.7.

Poster Maker already features backgrounds, fonts, stickers, art, textures to amazing effects. Users can also share their work on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instragram.

3. Venngage

Venngage is an infographic-making software that you can use to enhance your website’s and social media graphics, but you can also use it for other purposes.

This cloud-based software is excellent for creating newsletters also if you want tomake a posteror create a banner for your blog post. The incredible amount of graphics to use and library to choose from will help you select a template and personalize it or create something from scratch.

You can even add your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts and create stunning designs in no time!

4. Flyers, Poster Maker, Graphic Design, Banner Maker

This next poster maker application is perfect for beginners who don’t really have design skills. Because this application has a user friendly appearance making it easier for users to edit. The application includes a variety of templates, text art, creative stickers and various shapes.

5. Posters: Story Editor Template Design Post

Posters is a free graphic design and poster maker Android application that allows users to upload them to various kinds of social media. Not much different from the applications above, Posters also includes hundreds of templates, stickers, gifs and many more. When using this application, users can create work like a professional designer.

6. Crello

The best poster maker app made by Crello Ltd. This allows users to create posters in the form of videos. This application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store with a size of 162 MB.

The reason why you should try this application is because Crello is equipped with tens of thousands of elements and templates to make it easier for the editing process.

7. Adobe Spark Post

With just a few taps, users can easily create works such as brochures or posters in a professional manner. Users are also allowed to add text and apply filters for interesting gratification through Adobe Spark Post. Apart from being available on Android, the application can also be downloaded on the iOS App Store.

8. Desygner

Desygner is a recommendation for the best poster maker application on Android and iPhone for you. Desygner is equipped with millions of layouts and thousands of unique templates to help users create beautiful works in minutes. Interestingly, this application can be operated via a PC by visiting the official website and making posters online.

9. Poster Maker, Carnival Flyer, Banner Maker

Poster Maker, Carnival Flyer, Banner Maker have been downloaded by more than one million Android smartphone users and get a total average rating of 4.5.

Apart from being used as a poster maker, this application can also be used as a maker of invitation cards, book covers, brochures and so on. If you want to get more complete equipment, you can upgrade to the pro version by subscribing to a premium every month.

10. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

As the name implies, this best free poster maker app on Android offers many options in photo editing and design, especially poster creation.

Like other poster maker applications, Poster Maker & Poster Designer allows users to edit photos and posters from the gallery. What’s more, the photos to be used can be resized to be larger or smaller, according to content needs.

11. Postershop

Tar7ah developed Postershop by providing 39 cool templates that can be modified according to your wishes and needs. Besides being able to be used as a poster maker, Postershop is also used to create other works to be uploaded on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. The reason is, the Andriod application has editing tools that are classified as complete.

12. SuperBanner

SupperBanner is the next best poster maker application recommendation for beginners. This user friendly application is of course used to create posters or banners with various fonts and sizes.

What’s more, SuperBanner has a choice of image textures according to the concept of an image so that it will look even more attractive.

13. Brochure Maker, Poster Maker, Pamphlet Designer

You can download Brochure Maker for free on the Android Google Play Store with a total size of 17 MB. This application allows users to create brochures or posters using a wide selection of templates, photo stickers, text art and backgrounds that can be selected according to their needs and desires.

14. PosterMyWall

Apart from applications on smartphones, poster making can actually be done online via a PC. PosterMyWall is a recommendation for a user friendly poster maker application on PC for beginners.

One of the advantages of PosterMyWall is that it provides a wide selection of free poster backgrounds. In addition, users can also upload personal images as long as they support the quality of the poster to be made.

15. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is also an online poster maker application that has a special place to design the best quality posters. Therefore, this poster edited by Lucidpress will look like a professional. Interestingly, you can use this site for free without spending a dime.

16. Inkscape

The best application recommendation as the last poster maker for beginners is Inkscape. Inkscape is equipped with features like Corel Draw so that it really supports its users when making poster, logo or banner designs.

But unfortunately the weakness of Inkscape is that the size of the poster design results is larger than the applications above.

How to Make a Poster on an Android Phone

After knowing some recommendations for poster maker applications on Android, iOS and PC phones, then you also have to know how to operate them. Well, below we will explain how to make posters on an Android cellphone through the Canva application.

1. Download Canva Application

The first step is to download theCanvaapplication on the Google Play Store. The application requires a phone storage capacity of 26 MB.

2. Open the Canva App

After the download is successful,run the Canva application. Usually when you first open it, you are required to create an account first.

3. Create a Poster

If you have entered the main page, select thePostermaker menu .

4. Specify a template

Then chooseapostertemplateas needed. The advantage of the Canva application is that it provides quite a number of templates for free.

5. Start Editing

The next step is to start theposter editingprocess . Edit the poster according to what you want to promote, whether it’s a product or a service.

6. Add Features

You can also add other features such as photos, elements, audio, video, later and so on by tapping the+button at the bottom right.

7. Save the Poster

When finished editing the poster, save it to the phone gallery by pressing theSavesymbol at the top right of the screen.

How to Make a Poster on iPhone

Apart from using an Android cellphone, you can also make posters on your iPhone. Instead of being curious, just look carefully at the following tutorial.

1. Visit the Canva Website

First, visit theCanvasite in a browser like Google Chrome on iPhone.

2. Select a Poster Template

Next, on the main page, choose aposter templateaccording to your needs and desires.

3. Start Edit Poster

The next step is to startediting the poster. You can fill in the poster with text according to the service or product to be promoted.

4. Add Other Features

You can also add other features such as stickers, clip art, photos, audio, video and much more. Press the+icon at the bottom right of the screen.

5. Upload the Poster

When you are finished creating the poster, click theUploadicon in the right corner of the screen to save the poster edits.

How to Make a Poster on a PC

As is well known, poster making can also be done on a laptop, PC or computer device. As an example of creating a poster via the Canva site, the procedure is as follows.

1. Enter the Canva Website

VisitCanva’sofficial website via google Chrome on PC. Make sure the internet network connection is smooth so that the editing process does not have problems.

2. Create a New Poster

On Canva’s main page, there will be quite a number of features offered. Find and select thePostermenu .

3. Select Template

The next step is to selecta poster template. The advantage of using Canva as a poster maker application is that it provides hundreds of templates for free to its users.

4. Edit the Poster

When you find a template that fits your needs, start theediting process.

5. Added Features

Interestingly, you can addadditional featuressuch as images, audio, video to the background to the poster. Select a layer on the left side of the screen.

6. Save Results

Finally, if the poster editing is complete, then save the result by clicking theSavesymbol at the top right.


That is if the explanation regarding the recommendation for a user friendly poster maker application on Android, iOS and PC versions.

Before downloading it, make sure the phone’s storage capacity is sufficient so that the download process runs smoothly.

Hopefully the information above is useful and can be taken into consideration before downloading and using poster maker applications.

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