5 Best Romantic Korean Dramas Worth Watching

In February 2020 last year, several Korean dramas managed to defend their title as the Best Korean Drama with the highest rating. This series of dramas has been popular since January 2020.

5 Best Romantic Korean Dramas Worth Watching
5 Best Romantic Korean Dramas Worth Watching

5 Best Romantic Korean Dramas Worth Watching

Some of them even received high ratings since the beginning of the episode. Call it a Drama with the title Crash Landing On You and Dr. Romantic 2. Both are selling well since the beginning of the episode.

And here are the 5 most popular and best Korean dramas that are still worth watching in 2021:

1. Dr. Romantic 2

Dr. Romantic 2 is a Korean Romantic Drama that managed to get high ratings, even since last January 2020. This drama tells the life of a doctor who works in a small regional hospital.

The Doctor, Kim Sa-bu (Doctor Kim) is someone who has a unique personality. The story begins when Doctor Kim slowly teaches the young doctors around him about life.

Dr. Romantic 2 has successfully become the best drama with the highest rating during its broadcast in February 2020.

According to Nielsen Korea, from the beginning of its broadcast until the episode last February 26, Dr. Romantic 2 has received a rating of 27.1 percent.

2. Crash Landing On You

Since January 2020, Crash Landing On You has managed to maintain its rating at the top as one of the Best Korean Dramas.

From the start of its broadcast until the episode that aired on February 16, Crash Landing On You managed to get a rating of 21.6 percent.

Of course, with this achievement Crash Landing On You has passed the Goblin which has also won the highest rating in tvN history.

Crash Landing On You stars Son Ye-jin and Hyun. This drama tells the story of a rich heir Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) who is trapped in North Korea over a paragliding incident.

There he meets Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) who helps him hide and finds a way to return to South Korea.

3. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a Korean Drama that tells the story of a young boy’s struggle against a large restaurant conglomerate who has power and lots of money.

The young Park Sae-roy (Park Seo-joon), had many ups and downs to set up his business, but the opposing party always thwarted his every step.

During February 2020, the rating of Itaewon Class continued to increase from episode to episode, with a rating of 12.2 percent. This Korean drama stars Kim Da-mi and Park Seo-joon.

Itaewon Class managed to become one of the highest rated dramas in the history of JTBC television station.

4. Hyena

The newcomer drama that also immediately earned a high rating in the initial episode was Hyena.

This drama tells the story of two lawyers (Yoon Hee-jae and Jung Gem-ja) who work for less than 1 percent of the population of South Korea, namely high-ranking officials and officials.

But both of them have different personalities. Jung Geum-ja is a lawyer who will try his best and rely on all means to make a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hee-jae is a well-known lawyer who is smart and confident. This drama has won a rating of 10.3 percent on February 21.

This achievement succeeded in shifting the Stove League premiere, which is also one of the best dramas in the January 2020 edition.

5. Hi Bye, Mama

Hi Bye, Mama is one of the newest dramas to get a high rating at the beginning of the episode. This drama starring Kim Tae-hee and managed to get a rating of 7.2 percent in its first episode which aired last February 22.

This rating was the highest score for dramas that aired at that time, both on private and national TV channels.

Hi Bye, Mama tells the story of Cha Yu-ri, a mother of one child. He managed to come back to life after 5 years ago he died from an accident.

He lived for 49 days in order to meet and hug his son whom he had never seen since birth.

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