Best Sites To Download Books And Ebooks For Free

Here are the best sites where you can download books and ebooks totally free of charge to read on your devices, whether it is a PC, a smartphone.

Best Sites to Download Books and Ebooks for Free
Best Sites to Download Books and Ebooks for Free

Ebooks are electronic books available in various formats such as PDF, ePub, mobi, FictionBook, LIT, PDB, etc … and are constantly evolving, in 2019 according to Wikipedia ebook readers have exceeded a billion users worldwide.

As with other content such as videos or music, free download is allowed only if the book is copyright-free, otherwise (i.e. downloading a pirated copy) is illegal.

Online there are many sites where you can find books that are not protected by copyright, those that we will go into today will allow us to download everything for free.

Best sites to download books and ebooks for free

  1. Let’s start with one of the best known, containing many classic works of Italian literature. Let’s talk aboutLiber Liber.
  2. WikiSource, another source with historical books.
  3. Italian literature. Here already the site name says it all about the free books available.
  4. E-Library. Between classical, Italian and foreign literature there is an archive full of free books.
  5. FeedBooks, another well-known site in the panorama of books without copyright.
  6. Project Gutemberg, site with some historical texts.
  7. EbookFree, texts by modern authors and also some interesting ebooks such as guides for WordPress, SEO, etc.
  8. IBS,The famous online book site has a free section with several ebooks.
  9. ReadingsYoung, site with classic Italian readings.
  10. MillePagine,Although no longer updated, it contains interesting readings.
  11. Mondadori,The official website features a category of free downloadable books.

Do you know of other legal sites that allow you to download books or ebooks for free? Leave a comment under the article.

How to read downloaded books

After using one of the sites above to download the books, how do we go about reading them?

ForWindows, MacOS and Linuxyou can use the Caliber program which allows you to read many ebook formats.

ForAmazon Kindle devicesyou can send it to the Kindle email that you find in the device settings, after a few seconds you will find it in the library.

ForAndroid,a player that supports many formats and can be downloaded for free. You can find it on thePlayStore.

For Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPad, you can download thisapplication.

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