The Best Sites To Read Or Download Manga

Download Manga: Manga, or the famous Japanese comics, are a passion that is grown by young and old. These comics are considered true works of art, capable of conveying great emotions to readers. They range between various genres, from the funniest ones up to real dramatic works.

The Best Sites to Read or Download Manga
The Best Sites to Read or Download Manga

Although even in Italy these works are highly appreciated, not all publications are brought to the western world. In fact, of all the comics available in Japan, only a part arrives in Italy. Precisely for this reason, on the Web there are several sites that allow you to view and read manga online, even if unpublished, in the Bel Paese.

To help you understand which are the best portals on which to read such works, in this article we have collectedthe best sites where to read and download manga.

Sites and apps to read and download manga

On the Web there are several portals specially created to read manga; here are the ones that, in our opinion, are the best:

  • MangaEden: this is the best Italian site ever for reading manga. This, in addition to offering a wide range of scans, is constantly updated by reporting the tables of the new chapters published in Japan day by day;
  • is an excellent site, capable of offering a wide range of titles available in various languages. The high-quality scans, together with a constantly updated catalog with the latest releases, make it one of the best sites of its kind;
  • MangaFox: we are talking about the largest online manga portal on the entire Web. Inside, it is possible to find almost all the manga available, from the best known to the least known;
  • HastaTeam: is an Italian forum which, after registering, allows you to read manga online;
  • Mangahelpers: turns out to be a point of reference for lovers of Japanese comics and oriental culture, with readable and translated contents;
  • MangaScan: another forum very similar to HastaTeam, which brings together many fans of the genre, who are used to uploading new chapters. Even the latter, to be used, requires only registration.

Programs to download manga

In recent times, in addition to the various sites mentioned above, special programs and apps for smartphones or tablets have also been created that allow you to download your favorite manga.

Among these, the most famous are:

  • FreeMangaDownloader: this application allows you to search for comics and manga and download them in a few simple steps;
  • myManga: very similar to FreeMangaDownloader, this software allows you to download manga on your device, allowing easy reading through its special reader;
  • Manga Reader: last, but not least, this application, available for Android, allows you to download and read scan in Italian.

Although reading a comic on the PC is not the maximum comfort, in some cases, it is the only way to be able to view the latter.

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