Best Sites to Watch TV Series in Streaming for Free

Don’t want to miss the brand new season of your favorite TV series? Are you wondering how to watch streaming TV series for free? Then follow me in this guide and I will explain how to watch TV series in streaming for free.

Best Sites to Watch TV Series in Streaming for Free
Best Sites to Watch TV Series in Streaming for Free

All very simple, what you were missing until now was the complete list of the best sites to watch free TV series in streaming and that allow you to watch your show at any time of the day and from any device.

Best Sites to Watch TV Series in Streaming for Free

By now, it can be said that TV series have conquered the lives of most of the population in the middle range; there are so many and, more and more, the producers seem to compete to create more and more compelling plots, able to keep the viewer glued to the screen !!

We hear about: Game of throne, Breaking bad, Shadowhunters Gomorra and so on and so forth! For this reason, together with the TV series, many specific online sites have also been born ( Netflix for example), which require a subscription to be able to access them.

How to Access sites from anywhere?

  1. Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app for your device or you can use in-built VPN app.
  3. Log into your VPN app with the details provided after subscribing the ExpressVPN.
  4. Connect to a server in theUS.
  5. Visit any below sites safely now.

There are many alternatives and sites that allow you to watch TV series online. On the other hand, the sites to watch TV series in streaming for free are increasing almost in proportion to the series themselves. Then follow me, because in this article we have created the largest list of the best sites for free streaming TV series !.

Legal Sites to Watch Streaming TV Series

  12. CB01 / serieTV

IMPORTANT: Some sites to watch streaming TV series may be unreachable or blocked. In this case we recommend changing the DNS of your device or adopting a VPN.

DNS and VPN serve to make your connection safer and faster. In fact, thanks to these two tricks, you can also browse sites that may be blocked, unreachable or worse where the streaming jumps and crashes.

If you want to avoid relying on pirated and free sites and want to fully respect licenses and copyrights, you should try some online TV channels and other legal sites to watch TV series in streaming.

In fact, not everyone knows that there are also the sites of TV broadcasters that broadcast free TV series. Here is a list of the most popular legal sites to watch TV series for free:


In the Rai portal, you can find practically everything: from live streaming to podcasts of various TV programs, to general fiction such as reality shows, as well as films, theater and of course Italian and foreign TV series.

If in the TV series section you can find many recent series, in the “Rai display cases” there are also many old dramas that have made the history of Rai. To access, just register. It is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows 10 mobile devices.


The Mediaset portal is the equivalent of the Rai portal; in addition to the “live” and “tv series” section, you can also watch TV series titles from the various mediaset channels.

The differences with Rai are basically two: 1) To see the contents it is not necessary to register, but you can run into various commercial interruptions; 2) There is no section devoted to long-standing content. It is compatible with Android and IOS smartphones, thanks to the specific application.


From the name of the portal it is clear that it is mainly focused on the programming of American films. The TV series are also of US origin. You can find both recent content and content from a few years ago. There is an application for Android and IOs.


On youtube you can find many complete movies and even some TV series in Italian or in the original language. It is also possible to insert subtitles in the language you prefer by clicking on the “CC” icon. Then from the icon “setting” click on “autoplay ON” and, later, go to “subtitle” and choose the language of preference.


It is a software that allows the viewing of satellite channels directly on the PC and IOS devices. It is not entirely free but still has a relatively low cost.

While normal Pay TV services require a monthly subscription, Direct TV asks for a one-time flat rate of 39 euros. It has more than 3500 TV channels, both Italian and foreign, visible in 100 countries around the world.


It is completely free software, where no registration is even required. Here you can find practically everything: from movies, to cartoons and of course there is no shortage of TV series and soap operas. If you want to access certain content exclusively for Pay, you must register, otherwise not necessary.


Dplay is a video streaming service that allows you to watch TV channels of the media company Discovery Italia for free and on demand. Find all the programs of the Discovery channels, and it can be viewed on both Android and IOS devices.

For those looking for “crime” themed TV series, on Dplay you can really find a lot: think that there is a section entirely dedicated. To see the contents you need to register.


It is a platform that relies on external streaming services. From here you cannot view the contents directly, but you can access the various services via the link suggested by the platform.


It is another interesting online platform, completely free. The only request to access it is to register via account or via facebook. VVVVID is a platform that collects videos and TV series, incomplete legality and with respect for licenses!

Created by the company Mperience, it is aimed at proposing contents based on the user’s interests. It has, in fact, a constantly updated catalog, which includes 200,000 videos.


It is an app created for Android 2.2+ disopsitives, available on google play, exclusively free. It is supported thanks to the support of some banners.

It has a very wide offer: over 260 channels, including sky and Italian Swiss channels. It also features news sections from authoritative sources and additions to Mymovies reviews. But be careful, because several MB of memory are required to download and run it.

Sites to Watch Subscription TV Series

The best sites that broadcast TV series on demand are paid and usually all have a monthly subscription. Needless to say, these are the best ever.

If you are a real enthusiast and don’t want to run into annoying interruptions or advertisements, this is the best solution for watching streaming TV series.

Here is the complete list of paid sites to watch TV series:


Netflix is ​​one of the most popular platforms for watching streaming and on-demand movies. TV series are practically its strong point, what has made it one of the most famous platforms.

Netflix offers several plans for subscribers at relatively low costs: from 7.99 euros per month, to a maximum of 11.99 euros. The offer varies according to costs. Thanks to specific apps it is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows Phone, smart TV and video game consoles!



Amazon prime video is compatible with just about everything, a bit like Netflix. It has a fairly rich catalog of TV series, some even brand new. It also offers many original language films.

To access, just subscribe to the Amazon prime service, paying an annual fee of 36 euros per year; then you can log in by connecting to the page and click on log in.



It is another Mediaset service, only unlike Mediaset play, here there is a monthly fee of about 7.99 per month. The most important feature is the high resolution of the contents all in full HD or ultra HD for those who own Smart TVs.

It is accessible from all browsers equipped with Microsoft Silverlight. For Chrome, plugin-free video playback has been enabled.



This is one of the best sites to watch TV series in streaming, as it allows you to watch brand new TV series, live in the United States, as well as some recently released movies.

Contains around 1000 movies on demand with 7 new titles per week. If you decide to cancel your subscription, on Now TV you can do it without major maneuvers after 24 from the expiry of the viewing period.



Excellent solution for those who want to see great TV series recently released in the USA, films and cartoons exclusively. It is possible to do a free trial month, and then upgrade to a monthly plan of 5 euros for free, without advertising. You can unsubscribe at any time!



It is activated through the subscription to Mediaset Premium on digital terrestrial. This service also presents a rather rich catalog of choices, including: TV series, cinema, infinity, football & sport, children, etc. It is also available on smartphones and tablets.



In this service it is possible to both buy and rent the contents. There is no fixed subscription, you only pay when buying or renting the content.

The rental lasts 28 days, but you only have 48 hours from the first play to complete the vision of the content or to review it. It is available on all devices: from the PC to the tablet to the smartphone.

If you have a Smart TV, you will find the app already installed. Just enter the “recommended apps” section and register for the service. The minimum supported version for Android is 4.4, while for IOS the minimum version is 10.1



Now you have all the information you were looking for to watch TV series in streaming. I would say that we have done our part, now it’s up to you to get yourself some chips and popcorn and immerse yourself in the new episode of your favorite TV series.

But remember not to overuse the sites listed above and always connect securely! If you find pop-ups or advertising banners while browsing, avoid clicking and close them immediately!

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