7 Recommendations For The Best Stock Trading Applications for Beginners

Of course you are already familiar with stock investment. Moreover, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the stock market in Indonesia has really fallen.

7 Recommendations for the Best Stock Trading Applications for Beginners (2023)

7 Recommendations for the Best Stock Trading Applications for Beginners

This has made retail investors flock to stock investment instruments at this time.

Stock prices have fallen very far, creating opportunities for novice investors to make a profit in the world of stocks. However, apart from the current moment, this stock investment is very promising.

Apart from that, starting to invest in shares is now very easy. There are already many stock applications that you can use to buy shares, moreover, many arenewbie-friendly.

So, to buy shares you don’t need to prepare a lot of money, you can buy shares starting from just IDR 10,000.

On this occasion, we will share a list of the best stock applications that you can use and are suitable for beginners. Immediately, for those of you who are interested in starting to invest, please see the following list.

1. Stockbit

The first application we recommend is Stockbit. The initial application was a stock trading or social trading community created and developed by Sinarmas Sekuritas. This forum provides many benefits for its members, namely being able to exchange information about good stock recommendations.

Stockbit is increasingly known because shares themselves are part of an investment whose price is quite influenced by market sentiment, including rumors and news. With the Stockbit application, expert or senior investors can provide their analysis regarding the existing market.

So, for beginner investors, of course this information is very important. Even though it is not 100% accurate, this information can still be a consideration when buying shares. Gradually, it is finally possible for users to register, create an account and transact shares through this application.

The selling/buying fee on the Stockbit application per transaction is 0.25%/0.15%.

Some of the advantages that the Stockbit application has as a stock application include:

  • The interface is modern and up to date
  • There are learning facilities in the form of online trading simulations
  • Has a discussion forum that has many members from all over Indonesia


IPOT or Indo Premier Online Technology is the next best stock application.IPOT is an online trading application owned by PT Indo Premier Sekuritas for investing in mutual funds, shares and ETFs with quite complete features.

The superior feature offered by IPOT is the Robo Trading mechanism which can automatically carry out all buying and selling instructions on shares and prices that you have previously determined.

With this feature you will never miss a moment to buy shares at the price you want. Another main advantage that IPOT has is that there is no minimum deposit when you open a stock account.

Some other advantages of this IPOT application are that there is no minimum deposit when you open a stock account in this stock application, you can invest in shares and mutual funds at the same time in this application, news and research features by the Indo Premier Team, and many other features.

When registering an account at IPOT, if you use a BCA account as your main account, your RDN bank account will also use a BCA account. Meanwhile, if you use something else, your RDN account will use Permata Bank.

Meanwhile, for fees on this application, sales will be charged 0.29% for each transaction. Meanwhile, for purchasing shares, you will be charged a fee of 0.19% for each transaction.

Meanwhile, here are some other advantages of IPOT as the best stock application:

  • Minimum deposit IDR 0
  • Account and account opening can be done completely online without sending physical files
  • One application for all types of investment products (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.)
  • Robo trading
  • There is news about market sentiment and analysis from experts
  • Provides application usage tutorials and learning materials

3. Magic

The next stock application is Ajaib. Even though it is classified as a new “player”, it didn’t take long for this application, which was founded in 2018, to attract the attention of investors.

The reason is, without hesitation, Ajaib collaborated with Korean actor Kim Seon Ho as their advertising star. Kim Seon Ho is the character Han Ji Pyeong in the Korean drama film Start Up, whose film was also very popular some time ago.

Ajaib houses two companies, namely Ajaib Securities and Ajaib Mutual Funds. So Ajaib has two investment options, namely mutual funds and shares.

With this feature, you no longer need to use two different applications to invest in stocks and mutual funds. Another advantage of this application is its display or user interface which is very easy to understand even for beginners. Then, just like IPOT, Ajaib also does not require a deposit for opening an account. This means that you can open accounts and stock accounts without capital at Ajaib.

Ajaib charges a buying/selling fee of 0.25%/0.15% for daily transactions of less than IDR 150 million. However, if your transaction is between IDR 150 million to IDR 1.5 billion, the fee will be reduced to 0.24% for the selling fee, and 0.14% for the buying fee.

Here are some of the features that Ajaib excels at:

  • Easy to use interface, stock application is best suited for beginners
  • Selling fees and buying fees are relatively cheap
  • There is no minimum deposit to open an account and accounts
  • Using a promotional style that is very close to millennials and Gen Z

4. MOST Independent

MOST is a stock application provided by Mandiri Sekuritas. Mandiri Sekuritas itself is one of the largest stock brokers in Indonesia. This company is a subsidiary of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk.

MOST has very friendly interfaces for new users or novice investors. So for those of you who are just starting to learn about stocks, you can use this application because it is very easy to use and understand.

The advantage of this application is that the account registration is fully online, this application also provides online or face-to-face training for stock investors. You can also get full access to daily research by professional analysts from Mandiri Sekuritas.

5. MotionTrade

The next best stock application is MotionTrade. This application is actually a new version of the MNC Sekuritas application. And as the name suggests, MNC Sekuritas is a subsidiary of the MNC Group which is under the auspices of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk.

MotionTrade’s transaction terms are a buying fee of 0.18% and a selling fee of 0.28%. Meanwhile, the initial deposit to open an account on this application doesn’t need to be expensive, you just need to deposit 100 thousand and you can start trading shares.

The process of creating an account at MotionTrade is also very easy and can be done online without having to go to the office or meet face to face. However, to create an account, you must have a BCA account first.

6. RTI Business

This next stock application can be said to be very helpful for investors to determine strategies for buying and selling shares. RTI Business provides various information about charts, IHSG, financial data, exchange rates, and news about each issuer.

You can also see information about the performance of a particular company over a five year period via cash flow, income statement, balance sheet, profitability, earnings, and growth.

What’s more interesting about RTI Business is that it provides a stock trading simulation feature or IDX Virtual Online Trading. This feature is very suitable and helps beginners who are new to the world of stock investment. For those of you who are still confused about stocks, you can try using this application.

However, you need to know that RTI Business is only an application for studying and viewing stock price movements in the market, not an application from a securities company. You cannot make stock transactions through this application.

7. BCAS Best Mobile

The last application that we recommend for those of you who want to start investing in shares is BCAS Best Mobile. This application is a trusted stock trading application owned by BCA Sekuritas. This application has quite comfortable interfaces and is very suitable for beginners to use.

The application sets a buying fee of 0.18% and a selling fee of 0.28%, not much different from other stock investment applications.

This application has several superior features that other stock applications may rarely have. Some of the superior features of BCAS Best Mobile are Stock Info, Portfolio, Watchlist, Stock Chart, Expert Order, and Real Time Market Data.

So, those are some recommendations for the best stock applications that are suitable for beginners. For those of you who are just starting to dive into the world of stock investment and want to try buying shares, you can try some of these applications to buy them.

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