Binary Code | How Does This System Work

All computers use a language calledbinary code, based on sequences of bits of 0 and 1 that, usingBoolean algebra, allows encoding inputs and outputs, making use of this system’s computing so that computers can fulfill their functions.

Binary Code | How Does This System Work
Binary Code | How Does This System Work

What Is Binary Code and How Does This System Work

The CPU receives all this set ofbinary numbersthroughelectrical signalsthat it interprets and distributes to the other components.

It is a set ofbinary numbers, specifically 0 and 1, which seeks to represent numbers in base 2, so that depending on the position of each number, it has a certain value that the machine can interpret to carry out an order.

Each number is presented with abit, which reducing it to a minimum would be like when we turn on and off a light bulb; 0 for off and 1 for when we turn on and the circuit starts working again.

How binary code works

Any word, text and video can be represented with bit sets of 0 and 1, this means that if someone writes a certain sequence of 0 and 1 they will activate a certain command that the computer will understand regardless of whether it is in binary.

To do this, it uses powers of base 2 (since we remember that it has two digits or bits, 0-1).


2^0 = 1
2^1= 2
2^2 = 4
2^3 = 8
2^4 = 16

You will only have to add the numbers in the box that have “1” and thus it would add 18 + 4 + 1 = 21

It can even beconverted instead of decimalto hexadecimal code, which uses letters, so the possibilities are really great.

How to convert a text or number to binary code or vice versa

On the internet, there are numerous converters from normal text or numbers in base 10 (from 0 to 9) to binary code. To do this, you only need to enter a tool that allows you to convert instantly.

Next, we will name you 3 tools to convert text or numbers to binary code, or vice versa.


There are more tools around the web. In addition, you can download applications to convert from binary to ascii or vice versa, just by searching in the application store of your mobile phone.

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