BitTorrent Clients | Applications and Programs to Download Torrents

TheBitorrent clientsare programs that allow you to download files via P2P, a novel method for sharing content on the network. It is a huge network of users who exchange files of different kinds, facilitating free downloads.

BitTorrent Clients | Applications and Programs to Download Torrents
BitTorrent Clients | Applications and Programs to Download Torrents

BitTorrent Clients | Applications and Programs to Download Torrents

The only requirement is to install the program that makes torrent management possible to add the links manually. Here are the best torrent clients for P2P downloads.

  • StrongDC ++
  • Bittorrent
  • Folx
  • BitLord
  • WebTorrent Desktop
  • Tribler
  • Tixati
  • TotaID
  • BitComet
  • eMule
  • qBittorrent
  • uTorrent
  • Shareaza
  • Vuze
  • Soulseek
  • LimeWire
  • FrostWire

StrongDC ++

One of the best known networks for exchanging files at high speed. TheStrongDC ++interface integrates a search engine with advanced filters to find specific results. You can also control the download speed and adjust the bandwidth.


BitTorrentis another of the most recommended options for downloading files from the browser itself. You can download torrents in bulk from your own desktop, set download and upload speed limits so that this does not affect the performance of your computer, and even assign a higher bandwidth so that a specific torrent downloads more quickly.


Folxis a download manager designed for Apple clients. It has advanced features such as an intelligent tagging system to organize files easily, a built-in torrent search engine, and even an option to schedule downloads.

Any of these options will help you download your favorite torrents easily and safely so that you can enjoy the best multimedia content on your device, and for free.


WithBitLordyou can play directly from Chromecast, those files you are downloading. Another outstanding feature of this player is that it has its own search engine as well as an integrated subtitle program. In addition, it is ad-free, so it is a particularly convenient program to use.

WebTorrent Desktop

This is a very practical solution if you want to have a streaming torrent player, which allows you to view the files while they are still downloading.

WebTorrent Desktopis also distinguished by having a very simple design and does not interfere with any other task you want to carry out on your computer.


Tribleris another one of the best torrent clients for downloading files. One of its main peculiarities is that it allows anonymous downloads, focusing on the privacy of its users. It is also an open source program.


Tixatiis a torrent client specially designed for users looking for a simple and effective program. With a simple and minimalist interface you will not find a trace of advertising and you will be able to use it both on Windows and Linux. In addition, it is especially fast and hardly consumes resources from your computer.


WithTotaIDyou will be able to make numerous types of downloads, from torrent files to YouTube or Vimeo videos among many others. It allows you to control all the downloads you make from different servers at the same time.

It has a paid version, with limited downloads and average image quality, and a paid version with all the advanced features available.


This option for Windows clients that has the particularity of allowing the download of a plugin to make the downloads compatible with Emule.

On the other hand,BitCometintegrates a utility that scans the files to avoid downloading malware. As a negative point, keep in mind that it contains advertising.


An excellent alternative to find elaborate files that are not usually easily found on the net. Unlike other programs, eMulehas an option to chat with other users, review download statistics, and search by filters.


WithqBittorrentyou can download torrents quickly and without complications since it has its own search engine that speeds up the location of files. It allows files to be played even if they have not finished downloading. It is also open source and multiplatform.


One of the most popular torrent clients of the moment.uTorrentis a free program that works comfortably, quickly, and intuitively.

Downloads are performed silently and without consuming too many system resources. It currently has a web version that you can use directly from the browser, without having to install anything.


ThisP2P clientthat stands out for its clean and well-organized interface, with an advanced search engine that shows detailed information before accepting a download.

Shareazais capable of downloading from up to four different sources, it also has a preview function thanks to which you can access the content of any file even before it is downloaded.


The main advantage thatVuzehas is the ability to search and download torrents from the program’s interface, so you don’t need to open the browser to send the information you want to download. The interface has a multimedia player and you can also sync Vuze with an iPod or iPhone easily.


One of theP2P download clientswith all the qualities to exchange files safely.Soulseekhas a security system to scan the content that we are interested in downloading and avoid putting the information on your computer at risk.


Simple, fast, and immediate. These are the words that describeLimeWire, a program that includes up to eight search engines in parallel to have better results, compare formats, weight, and other aspects. We can also chat and organize all the files that we download to the PC.


WithFrostWireyou can share your own files on the platform. One of its advantages is that it is especially light, so it will hardly take up space on your computer. On the other hand, this client has a multimedia player that offers detailed information about the origin of each file.

Any of these options will help you download your favorite torrents easily and safely so that you can enjoy the best multimedia content on your device, and for free.

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