How to Block Advertising on Smart TV

Here is a practical guide to block lots of advertisements on all Smart TVs on the market quickly and easily. Modern Smart TVs are now at the center of all-round home entertainment with a range of content available and easily accessible both directly from the TV and through the installation of applications that can add infinite possibilities to those offered by default.

How to Block Advertising on Smart TV
How to Block Advertising on Smart TV

How to Block Advertising on Smart TV

As it goes without saying, many of the services allow you to access a lot of content available on the web and part of these features are rewarded by the advertisements that are present in the various apps and also directly in the related services and present directly in the smart TVs.

In this article we will see how to block all or in any case the vast majority of the advertisements that we display on our smart TVs in an easy and fast way, going to change some of the features and activate/deactivate some settings to block them all.

Remove ads from Smart TVs with Blokada

If you have a smart TV with Android TV operating system you can download the fantastic Blokada app by CLICKING HERE or CLICKING HERE which will allow you to really block all advertisements anywhere on your smart TV with the Google operating system.

Remove advertisements from Smart TVs by changing DNS

The second method, very effective and easy to apply, is to change the DNS on the Smart TV with those of AdGuard , I now use them on any device because they are safe, fast and block all advertisements. Here are the DNS to use to block all advertisements on Smart TV :




  • 2a10: 50c0 :: ad1: ff
  • 2a10: 50c0 :: ad2: ff

How to change DNS on Samsung smart TV

  • The first thing to do is to access the  MENU  and select the NETWORK item
  • Then you need to select the Network Status item
  • At this point we can select the IP Settings item
  • DNS settings
  • Set manually
  • DNS server

How to change DNS on Sony smart TV

  1. Using the supplied remote control, press the Home button
  2. Select  Settings  (Settings)
  3. Select  Network  (Network)
  4. Select  Network Setup / Network Setup
  5. Select  Set up network connection
  6. Select  Personal / Complete
  7. Select  Wired Network Setup / Wireless Set-up. In  Wireless Setup, connect the TV to the wireless network by scanning the network or using the WPS function, depending on the router.
  8. For a secure wireless setup, you need to enter a  network security key  before the IP address  and  proxy server setup screen is displayed
  9. Select the setting  Manual IP Address  (Manual IP Address)
  10. Keep the IP address  as it is or change it manually and enter the  DNS
  11. Select  NO  if prompted to use a proxy server
  12. Select  Save and  Connect to establish a network connection

How to change DNS on Philips smart TV

  1. Press the Home button  on the remote
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select the Network Settings item .
  4. Then find the Network Configuration item  and click on Static IP where you will also find the section where to enter the DNS

How to change DNS on LG smart TV

  • Go to  (⋮)  All settings  and press the OK button  (Or Smart  button  in the shape of a  house )
  • Select the  (⋮)  All Settings button  and then OK
  • Go to the Network section
  • In the type of connection used ( Wired or Wi-Fi ) press OK
  • Among the information you will also find the IP address  and  DNS server
  • To enable parameter modification select the Modify  button  and press OK
  • Then check the box  Set automatically and in the DNS Server field enter those indicated

Disable ACR on all Smart TVs

ACR, acronym for Automatic Content Recognition, allows us to recognize what we are looking at and therefore create our interests so as to show us targeted advertisements. Here’s how to disable them on all the major brands of smart TVs currently on the market with the steps to follow.

  • ACR Smart TV Samsung Go to Settings> Terms and policies> Disable information services display and you can also disable voice recognition
  • LG ACR TV  Go to Settings> All Settings> General> Disable LivePlus
  • ACR Fire TV Go to Settings> Applications> Deactivate “Collect app and over-the-air usage data”
  • ACR Roku TV  Go to Settings> Privacy> Smart TV Experience> Uncheck Use information for TV inputs.
  • If you have a Sony, Sharp, TCL, Element, Sanyo, Toshiba, Philips  and other Android TVs  that use  Samba TV, go to Settings and disable “Interactive TV Service”

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