BTCLod: Easily Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll

YouTube consumes a lot of data, so it makes sense to download videos to your iPhone. However, it can be difficult to watch YouTube while offline.

BTCLod: Easily Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll
BTCLod: Easily Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll

You can easily download it for offline watching if you’re willing to spend a YouTube Premium subscription to play without advertisements. But doing so involves using the official app to see the videos.

What if you wish to store YouTube videos on your device to watch later? We’ll demonstrate how to use BTCLod to download YouTube videos to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. So keep reading!

What is BTCLod?

Before we get into the details of saving YouTube videos to your iPhone’s camera roll, let’s walk you through what BTCLod is. It’s a YouTube downloader tool that helps individuals easily download their favorite videos to their devices.

It got so popular recently because of how it’s easy to access, use and navigate with its simple and sleek interface. No one need’s to have a degree in computer science or equivalent to use this tool.

Moreover, it’s a web-based service which makes sense that it’s accessible on any device. It’s free to use and doesn’t necessitate users to sign in or log in every time they visit.

It’s reliable and trustworthy that will not share any of your information with third parties. So are you ready to download videos from YouTube to your iPhone’s camera roll?

How to Easily Download YouTube Videos?

Sadly, most iPhone YouTube video downloaders on the Apple App Store are short-lived. Given that Apple will eventually eliminate all of those, you must avoid utilizing them.

Fortunately, BTCLod can still make it simple to download YouTube videos on your iPhone. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Open BTCLod on Safari

First, launch BTCLod on Safari or other web browsers, which makes it handy for downloading YouTube videos and transferring them to the Camera Roll. You can also use the incognito mode of your browser to stay anonymous.

Or, better yet, use a VPN so no one can track your IP address. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to stay safe when downloading or browsing online.

Step 2: Get the YouTube Video’s Link

Finding the video you wish to download is the second step. Play the video, press Share, and then select Copy link using the YouTube application to achieve this.

Go over to BTCLod once you have gotten the link. Paste the link into the search box once you’re inside BTCLod.

Then, hit the “Browser” button in the search box’s right-hand corner to look up the YouTube video.

Step 3: Select the Quality and Format

The website will produce links to download the video within a short while. You might see one link, numerous links for varying levels of quality, or even the choice to download only the soundtrack, depending on the video you get.

Next, select the Video (MP4) or something equivalent and the desired quality.

The file quality varies with the file size. For instance, the 480p movie is only 20 MB, whereas the 1080p version is approximately 95 MB.

Step 4: Download the video (MP4) now!

Once the video is all set, click the Download option to begin the installation. As a result, a File popup with options for saving the file will appear.

You can shorten or make the name more explanatory if you’d like. If you don’t want to transfer it, the standard storage location will be My Files and Downloads.

Furthermore, if you wish to save files within the same folder automatically, uncheck the “Remind me every time” checkbox.

To finish the download of your YouTube video to your iPhone, select Complete. You may also click the Downloads tab in the taskbar to view its status.

How to Move the YouTube Video to Your Camera Roll?

To have the downloaded video visible in your Camera Roll, all that is left to do is move it. This guide will make it easy for you.

To close the browser (Safari) and return to the file manager, click the Folder icon in the lower-left corner of the webpage. The Downloads subfolder should be accessible underneath the primary My Files category.

If you did not save the video to the Downloads subfolder by default, open the file where you saved it instead.

Next, Select Move by clicking the Ellipsis button beside the recently downloaded file. A Photos subfolder must be shown beneath My Files just on the Move to tab. Check it by tapping Photos.

Now that a YouTube video has been saved to your Camera Roll, you can enjoy it. Tap the Photos built-in app on your mobile device to access it.

Both the Videos selection over Media Types at the lower of the Albums tab and the Recents section under the Albums tab will highlight your newly downloaded video.

It will also appear in Library, then All Photos as the most recent item. To access more choices, such as altering the magnification and playback motions, you may open the video in a video player app and watch it there.

Alternative Ways to Download YouTube Videos

Since many people prefer to save videos on YouTube directly to their Camera Roll, we detailed the process in the section above. However, there are other methods for downloading videos on YouTube on your iPhone or iPad.

As previously noted, YouTube Premium has several advantages. Among the greatest is the ability to save videos for offline viewing at any time.

The monthly subscription fee is worthwhile if you frequently enjoy watching offline. Furthermore, since this is an established technique, you are not breaching any laws.

Final Words

Now you can use BTCLod to download videos from YouTube to your iPhone so that you are not reliant on the app or its services to enjoy them.

Most individuals find that the Camera Roll alternative works best because it makes the video easily available and eliminates the necessity to move the file from one device to another.

There are tons of videos to see on YouTube.If you’re confused about which videos to download, keep track of the trending channels.

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