How to Buy or Sell Fantom (FTM) Token: The Best Trading And Exchange Platforms

Fantom is a high-performance blockchain platform. That provides functionality for working with smart contracts and creating decentralized applications.

How to Buy or Sell Fantom (FTM) Token
How to Buy or Sell Fantom (FTM) Token

How to Buy or Sell Fantom (FTM) Token: The Best Trading And Exchange Platforms

FTM is the main token of the ecosystem. Is used to protect the network through stacking, sending payments, paying transaction fees, and decentralized management.

The token has grown in value by 13,000% over 2021. Characterizing the market’s need for efficient solutions for scaling. Unlike many competitors, Fantom supports smart contract functionality from the start. editors will tell you how to buy or sell Fantom (FTM). Which users can use platforms for this purpose? You may be interested in AVAX to ftm exchange.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges that operate centrally store user assets themselves and conduct transactions. Lately, as a rule, such platforms are strictly regulated. These measures are aimed at combating money laundering and are practiced worldwide.

Nevertheless, centralized exchanges with Fantom are easy to use. Have a clear interface even for beginners, and provide extensive trading and investment functionality.

Depending on the functionality of a particular exchange. The token can be bought or sold in different ways. Through the trading terminal by creating an order, on the p2p-platform with payment directly from user to user, directly from the bank card, etc.

Decentralized exchanges

As for decentralized crypto exchanges, they do not support traditional assets. The Fantom token works on its blockchain and Ethereum Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Decentralized protocols allow you to connect to them using web3 wallets and exchange assets within trading pools.

You can also earn passive income by supplying liquidity to these pools. Liquidity providers profit from every trade made within the pool where their funds are located.


You can use cryptocurrency wallets equipped with this feature to buy or sell FTM. For example, Trust Wallet allows you to purchase coins from a card, but there are no offers to buy Fantom specifically at the time of writing. Platforms may add the feature over time as the coin grows in popularity.


One of the few exchangers supporting Fantom cryptocurrency so far is ChangeNow. It provides two main functions:

  • Exchanging cryptocurrencies for each other. Commissions are included in the rate. There are no additional fees, and the customer gets exactly as much as specified in the exchange.
  • Buying cryptocurrencies from a card. It is possible to buy Fantom with a bank card, though this operation is currently unavailable with rubles. If you have a dollar card, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Check out the cryptocurrency exchange rates.

How to Buy or Sell Fantom (FTM) Token
How to Buy or Sell Fantom (FTM) Token

Fantom prospects for investing

Fantom is not the only project which has chosen the directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology to expand its scalability. Examples include IOTA, Hedera Hashgraph, Constellation, and Nano.

The advantage of the project over IOTA and Nano is the support for smart contracts from the start. IOTA has also introduced a smart contract layer over time.

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