Can I Use Spectrum Cable Without a TV Box?

Traditionally, when you choose a cable TV connection you are supposed to or required to get a TV box for each TV that you may have. You do need to get a TV box with spectrum cable as well but the advantage of Spectrum cable is that you can watch it on other devices as well.

Can I Use Spectrum Cable Without a TV Box?
Can I Use Spectrum Cable Without a TV Box?

Can I Use Spectrum Cable Without a TV Box?

Spectrum offers a free Spectrum TV app that you can use very easily. You can still make a call onspectrum customer servicenumber to get additional information if you want.

If you currently have Spectrum Cable, you can get Spectrum Internet as well, the best thing is that you can easily download Spectrum TV App that makes your TV experience even better. Here’s how:

  • Spectrum TV App is free of cost for everyone. (Mind that Timer Warner, Charter communication, and The Bright House Network have now merged to offer their services under the Spectrum brand name). You just need to go to your App store, search for Spectrum TV App and download the App.
  • You can download Spectrum TV App on your Smart TV and you will not need to attach any TV box along with it, since you can easily watch all your favorite channels through Spectrum TV App.
  • You can download the Spectrum App on your tablet, laptops, or mobile phone as well, and watch all your favorite shows on the go.

You can get one TV box

You must be thinking that when you have an App you will not be required to get a TV box. Well, you can rent a TV box for almost $10 a month, download the App on the rest of your smart TVs, and enjoy all your favorite shows and channels.

Spectrum TV without the cable box

On the off chance if you do not have any Smart TV you must be wondering what can you do? Well, there is another option for people who don’t have a Smart TV.

Gone are the days when a TV box was a must, you just need an internet connection and you can watch all the channels through the Spectrum streaming option including local broadcast channels and the premium channels if you have opted for that package.

You can buy a Roku device and download your Spectrum TV App on it to enjoy all your favorite shows on your TV that too, without any cable box. You just need to download the App on your device.

Spectrum on Fire Stick

Like we mentioned Roku, you can also buy a fire stick from Amazon and download Spectrum TV App on it. When you use a fire stick you will convert your TV into a smart TV and you will be able to download the app for free and watch all the channels. You will get a complete channel lineup through your App.

  • You just need to open the settings of the fire stick.
  • Select Fire TV option.
  • Click on the developer option.
  • You will find an option for downloading apps from unknown sources.
  • Enable the option and the warning sign will appear, there is no need to get worried about the sign.
  • Now you will enable your device to connect it with the Apps that you want to download and you can easily download the Spectrum TV app on it and enjoy your favorite shows.

Spectrum also allows you to download the apps on other devices like computers, tablets, laptops, or mobile phones. This means that you will not be confined to one place only to watch your TV.

You can watch your favorite shows just by connecting your device including mobile or laptops with Wi-Fi internet and watch your shows anywhere. You can watch your shows while you are traveling or simply out for a walk.

You can avail all the added benefits of Spectrum services if you are a current user. You can make changes to your existing package by adding your favorite channel lineup at any point, you can easily make changes in your plan at any point.

Just give your existing account number and have a look at the options that you have for your address. You just need to make a call and inquire, avail and utilize anything you want.

Why should you get a device like Roku or Fire Stick?

When you choose to get a TV box that is provided by Spectrum you will pay more. For a TV box, you will pay $10 each month that will cost you more in a year.

If you buy your device like Firestick or Roku, you just need to make a one-time investment and you can use it for a lifetime.

Final Words

Spectrum allows its users to choose anything that they want. You can simply let go of a TV box and watch the cable through the free Spectrum app and if you don’t have a Smart TV, you can get your own Roku or Firestick. You are free to make a choice as a TV box is not a compulsion with Spectrum cable.

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