Top 3 Casino Games for Xbox and PlayStation to Play Right Now

Xbox and PlayStation are the two most sought-after gaming consoles in the world right now. They host a tremendous amount of blockbuster titles with impressive graphics and thrilling gameplay.

When talking about casino games, gaming consoles are not the first platforms that come to mind. Online casinos entered people’s homes decades ago, and many gamblers worldwide still prefer to play online casino games on their PC or mobile device.

Top 3 Casino Games for Xbox and PlayStation to Play
Top 3 Casino Games for Xbox and PlayStation to Play

Top 3 Casino Games for Xbox and PlayStation to Play Right Now

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So, why would someone choose to play their favorite casino titles on Xbox or PS, and do casino games for gaming consoles even exist?

Well, many people prefer the social aspect of casino gaming and the interaction with other players, which the consoles are perfect for.

Moreover, developing casino games for gaming consoles opens the door to creating more realistic graphics and things like character customization.

Several high-quality casino games have been released for Xbox and PlayStation in the last several years, and here are some of the most notable ones.

1. Pure Hold’em

Pure Hold’em is a poker game powered by VooFoo Studios, a game developer that has already recorded great success with the previous titles from its Pure series, most notably Pure Pool and Pure Chess.

The game features the rules of Texas Hold’em poker. You can participate in online multiplayer tournaments or create a tournament of your own with up to eight players.

All new players start at the Joker table and, depending on their success, can move up to one of the VIP tables reserved for the best players.

Apart from the poker game itself, Pure Hold’em lets you explore many customizable options, including changing the color of the table, choosing which set of cards and chips you want to play with, and more.

2. Casino Nights

If you like switching between different casino games, Casino Nights is just what you’re looking for. This game was released back in 2010 for Xbox 360, but it withstood the test of time as it is still very popular among console casino players.

The game is unimpressive from the graphics standpoint, but the entertainment you’ll be getting for its low price is definitely worth the purchase.

Casino Nights includes all the most popular casino games, such as video slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, keno, and Red Dog.

3. The Four Kings Casino & Slots

The Four Kings Casino & Slots is a realistic MMO casino game that lets you walk through a virtual casino establishment and pick a gambling game you like best. The game was released in 2015 by Digital Leisure and is playable on both PS4 and Xbox One.

While games like Texas Hold’em, roulette, blackjack, keno, and video slots are great to play, the best thing about The Four Kings Casino & Slots is its social aspect. Players can customize their avatar in any way they like, and new outfits and elements are continually added through updates.

Just like in many other games, you can rise through the ranks and play at one of the high-stakes VIP tables.

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