Change Search Engine And Browser For Cortana On Windows 10

Cortana is the new personal assistant developed by Microsoft and made available to all with the advent of the new version of Windows.

Change Search Engine and Browser for Cortana on Windows 10

But if we wanted to make the most of it and have its research opened with Google Chrome (or another browser) instead of Bing?

Change the search engine to Cortana

Since Cortana developed by Microsoft does not allow by default to change the search engine and the browser to be used, in fact it uses BING as search engine and EDGE as browser to open the results.

With this guide we will see how to set a browser of our choice to open the results and we will also see how to change the search engine from BING to GOOGLE.

Change browser to Cortana

The steps to do are simple and require the download of only one small software that will change the preferences of choice of the browser. It will open the browser you have set as default on your computer.

  1. DownloadEDGE-FLECTOR. Click onEdgeDeflector_install.exeto download and then install it.
  2. Now open theSETTINGSand click onAPP
  3. Now click on the left onPREDEFINED APPand scroll to find and click onCHOOSE DEFAULT APP FOR PROTOCOL
  4. Scroll until you findMICROSOFT-EDGEon the left column and selectEDGE-FLECTORon the right

Now Cortana’s results will be opened using your default browser which is Google Chrome, Firefox or others.

But we have not yet settled the Bing problem; yes, because Cortana will continue to use Bing as a search engine. Let’s see how to replace it.

Replace Bing with Google (BingtoGoogle)

OnGOOGLE CHROMEyou just need todownload this extensionand install it, it will automatically be redirected to Bing Google!

If instead you useFIREFOX / MOZILLAthen you candownload this extensionand it will do everything automatically.


Now you can use Cortana with your favorite browser and take advantage of a voice assistant that is normally abandoned by Windows users. A few steps that could change the use of your computer.

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