How to Change the Password of a Wi-Fi or ADSL Modem

The security of your home Wi-Fi network depends a lot on the complexity of the security password. Therefore, it is normal that you wonder how to change the password of your modem or router to increase security.

Well, routers have insecure default settings that can be changed. Therefore, in this article you will be able to learn step by step how to change the SSID and its password.

How to Change the Password of a Wi-Fi or ADSL Modem
How to Change the Password of a Wi-Fi or ADSL Modem

How to Change the Password of a Wi-Fi or ADSL Modem

Passwords that come by default on modems tend to be long and difficult to remember. Apart from that, they are based on algorithms that can be hacked through logic programs.

Although changing the password of a modem is not the only way to protect our Wi-Fi network, this does considerably reduce the chances of suffering signal theft, with the consequent decrease in browsing speed.

1. Connect to computer

Before starting with the password change, it is important that you take into account that you must have your computer connected by an ethernet cable to the router.

Otherwise, once you manage to change the password of the Wi-Fi modem, your computer will be immediately disconnected from the network. Therefore, you will have to configure it again, with the new password.

2. Access your modem

Accessing the modem is very easy and simple, the first thing is to enter its configuration through a web browser. You put one of these IP addresses, or, which varies depending on the manufacturer.

Next, you have to put in the username and password. Usually these 2 fields are located on a sticker under or behind the modem.

Although in most cases, the username and password is admin for both fields, if not, you can try with user admin and 1234 as password.

3. Change your network name and password

Once the data has been entered, you will have access to the router’s configuration page. Click on the WiFi option and your network settings.

In the part where it says Network wifi or Wireless you will find the current name of your SSID, so you can change it to something more personified.

Then look for the section protect WiFi> change password, there you can change the password of the modem, for one that gives you greater security.

When you have finished making all the changes and are sure of the new parameters. Then, you can click on apply or save, in this way you will validate the changes made.

Keep in mind that now you have to reconnect each of the devices to the network. It is extremely important that you do not change the WPA / WPA2 protection settings, as it is the safest option against hacker.

Keep in mind that each manufacturer has a different panel, but in essence, the way to change the password of a router is almost the same for all devices, with the difference of the location of each menu.

Remember that we are in an age where hacking networks has become more and more frequent. So, prevent them from abusing your WiFi network, protect yourself and yours by changing the password of the modem from time to time.

Make sure that the password has letters, numbers and that it is not so short, but at the same time, it is easy for each user to remember.

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