How To Change Watchfaces On The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 [Android And IOS]

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the most talked-about product of this 2019, thanks to its beautiful Amoled display allows unprecedented customization for a smartband, but we can take it to an even more extreme level.

How to Change Watchfaces on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 [Android and iOS]
How to Change Watchfaces on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 [Android and iOS]
Thanks to the guys at AmazfitWatchfaces we have the possibility to install unofficial watchfaces, we discover how

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The Mi Band 4 is compatible with iOS and Android, in this guide we will divide the passages into two main parts:

Guide for Android
Guide for iOS


Before seeing the procedure I wanted to tell you about a watchfaces made by one of our followers:


If you have also created WatchFaces published the link in the comments and we will add it to this list!


Let’s see how to change watchfaces from Android smartphones on Xiaomi Mi smart band 4.

  1. From your smartphone, open this page and download the watch face you want
    . Note that the downloaded file will be in .bin format
  2. Now open Mi Fit and click on the profile icon
  3. Select Mi Smart Band 4 and click on Bracelet Display Settings
  4. Now in the Display Bracelet menu select any watchfaces (better select one that you don’t like) and apply it by clicking
  5. Now a short wait for synchronization, then close Mi Fit
  6. Open any File Manager and look for the Android / data / / files / watch_skin_local folder
  7. Inside this folder there are the synchronized watchface folders one by one
  8. Here you find the watchfaces folder previously synchronized (to help you open the folders one by one and you will have the photos of the watch faces)
  9. Copy the name of the .bin file into the applied watchfaces folder, then delete the .bin file
  10. Now go back to the Downloads folder and rename the .bin file downloaded at the beginning (step 1) with the name copied to the previous step (9)
  11. Now copy the newly renamed file and paste it into the synchronized watchafaces folder first (folder of step 8/9)
  12. Now open Mi Fit and synchronize the previously applied watchface again

Finished! Now we will apply the custom watchafaces downloaded in step 1!


Now it’s up to Apple devices!

  1. Download the AmazTools App from the Apple Store -> download
  2. Open Mi Fit and leave it open in the background
  3. Now go to the AmazTools app and synchronize your Mi Band 4
  4. Open this page and download the watchfaces you want to apply
  5. Click on the DOWNLOAD link (in yellow) and then if it asks for the version click the SECOND
  6. Now click on the downloaded file and it will say “Open in AmazTools” click on it
  7. Then click on install and wait for the synchronization

Operation easier than Android to have your custom watchfaces!

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