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I am a business major student and would wish to attend Chapman university so as to further my education. Having been brought up and lived in Yemen for a period of not less than 14 years and later migrated to London where I lived for three years, I developed a business mind due to the manner in which I interacted with my family which deals with business to earn a living.

Chapman University
Chapman University

Chapman University | Learn About the University

I am now living in Orange county and my business mind has continued to encourage me to pursue courses related to business which I like involving myself in apart from playing soccer.

I would not like to emphasize how good I am business since I am not perfect but I would like to express the fact that I do enjoy market planning and I have been involved severally in coming up with a market plan for my family’s business.

Again the reason why I would like to join Chapman University is that it is known for good performance as far as business courses are concerned.

Business education is a start to success.

Since I wish to pursue a Business Administration program at Chapman University, the experience, as well as the passion I have developed for market planning, put me in a suitable position to pursue this program without a lot of challenges. Education is the key to getting a job. At this stage, of course I used the cover letter writing service.

The research I did when trying to find myself a suitable university that would offer me the best in my carrier indicated that Chapman University‘s students performs well in social sciences as well as a business program. Personalized training offered at the university is a key element in my career success.

It’s worth mentioning that as the time for joining the university draws near, I do still have time to participate in my family business as well as play and watch soccer which is the kind of sport I like being involved in. I do hope that I’ll be of significance after joining the university soccer team.

Chapman University
Chapman University

I therefore do wish to apply for admission to Chapman University which will equip me with additional academic qualifications in business administration and in addition to that, I will be in a position to acquire other good qualities which will consequently add value to me by the time I will be leaving this university.

Apart from academic qualifications, I expect that at Chapman University, I will be in a position to learn lessons that will also enable me conquer the obstacles that I might face in life and take them as challenges.

Apart from the benefits that I will gain in the university, I am confident that by the time I will be leaving the university, I will have contributed positively to lives of my colleagues.

This will give me the opportunity to prove to the university management and the entire university that I have the capability of doing particular things which will eventually contribute positively to the economy.

Dream Realizatio

I do hope that with the assistance of the university stakeholders, I will manage to scale my capabilities to great heights academically.

I strongly believe that with my upbringing in London, Orange county and Yemen equip me with diverse cultural background which will eventually assist me to interact well with my new friends in the university.

The fact that the university I am going to join has got people who come from different background, will help me realize and appreciate people who don’t come from the same background as I do.

This will assist me to know the needs of different people and also experience and exchange the cultural behaviors with my colleagues.

This is important because if I get a chance of becoming a leader in the future, I will have an easy time interacting and understanding different people and hence my leadership will be effective and efficient.

As I apply for this vacancy, it is my sincere hope that my application will be given a positive consideration. My desire to take my course at Chapman University revolves around the fact that I will be in a position to exploit my dream career through the help of skilled and experienced professors.

Chapman University
Chapman University

To highlight my victories and achievements, I used a linkedin profile makeover. I also believe and expect that my voluntary services to my fellow students will be highly appreciated.

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